Free AdWords Longtail Keywords Generator for Google Ads Campaigns

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This article covers a free AdWord longtail keywords generator for Google Ads campaigns. Longtail keywords are very very important to run successful Google Ads campaigns. Building longtail keywords for an ad campaign consumes lots of time and do this for multiple campaigns with hundreds of keywords can be really tiring. AdWords Keyword Generator is a free online tool that can ease up the job for you.

AdWords Keyword Generator is a free longtail keyword generator where you can get hundreds of longtail keywords within minutes. The idea is really simple, this tool generates hundreds of longtail keywords by combining a handful of primary keywords. All you have to do is type your primary keywords and it will create permutations of those keywords resulting in hundreds and thousands of longtail keywords that you can copy and export to a text file. The tool is absolutely free with no limitation of any short.

Free AdWords Longtail Keyword Generator for Google Ads Campaigns

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Free AdWords Longtail Keywords Generator

Before you start it’s important to under how this longtail keywords generator works. Once you understand the working, it becomes easy to create permutations of thousands of longtail keywords using just a handful of primary keywords.

This tool gives you four input text boxes where you have to enter your primary keywords. When you click the generate button, it creates all the possible combinations of keywords from each box. So you have to adjust your primary keywords input according to that.

generate Longtail Keyword for Google Ads Campaigns

For example, I want to generate longtail keywords for cleaning services in various cities. So I can plan my primary keywords according to that. I started with the type of cleaning spaces in the first text box then cleaning types in the second. Then I type service type in the third box and ending it with the city names in the fourth box. Now, when I click the generate button, it combines one keyword from each box with all the keywords from other boxes. This way, it creates hundreds and thousands of keywords using just dozens of primary keywords.

So, when you are ready, simply type your primary keywords in the boxes; keep one keyword per line. The more keywords you type, the more longtail keyword combinations you’ll get. Depending on your input, it creates numerous longtail keywords that you can copy within a single click and use in your ads campaigns. You can also export the generates longtail keywords to a text file and save multiple files with different keywords.

Closing Words

This AdWords Keyword Generator is a handy tool to generates thousands of longtail keywords in a matter of minutes. All the longtail keywords it creates are permutations of primary keywords you enter, it doesn’t create new words. This makes it language-agnostic which is great. The use of this tool is not limited to Google Ads Campaigns, it generates generic longtail keywords that you can use wherever you want.

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