5 Free Public Piano Finder Websites to Find Public Pianos Near You

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A Public Piano is one that is placed in a public area that inspires passersby to stop and play music. It changes the dynamic of the environment as people stop, smile and meet with strangers in the process. If an interesting composition is being played, people of all kids linger around and start applauding. Hence, people sometimes also term public pianos as ‘smile generators.

Usually they are located on streets, markets, public parks, and stations etc. for everyone to play and enjoy. They are also termed as Street Piano and you will generally find them decorated by community groups and artists from the local area.

In this article I will be discussing about 5 websites that will help you to find Free Public Pianos near your location.

1. Pianos. pub:

This website helps you to find a public piano to play from a list of 8286 pianos in 117 countries around the world. You can enter the name of a place, search by a country or use your nearby locations to find a street piano. There is also a provision to submit the information of a public piano so that others may find it.

Click here to access this website and search for Public Pianos.

2. World Pianos:

This website boasts of a list of 6595 places for public pianos including a 1-year forecast of such events. The upcoming piano events are neatly listed on their home page too. You can also visualize a map of all the year round upcoming piano events which are categorized on the basis of continents like Americas, Asia-Pacific and more. A calendar is also provided on the website that you can use to search for public piano events in a certain time frame.

You can access World Pianos website using this link,

3. Street Pianos:

This is a unique effort in that 2000 street pianos have been installed at 70 locations around the world by British Artist, Luke Jerram with the simple instruction, “Play Me, I’m Yours”. All the locations have been neatly visualized on a global map. You can click on any location, to find the date when Street Piano was installed there, as well as get more details about those pianos. A neat chronology has also been displayed at the bottom of the home page depicting each year when Street Pianos have been installed in various locations around the world. If you are interested in bringing Street Pianos to your location, you can contact them too using the website

Click here to access this website and search for Public Pianos.

4. Play Me Again Pianos:

This website lists public pianos in Atlanta only with a lot of foot traffic. It lists 88 of them that are beautifully crafted, decorated and accessible to the general public. You can visualize all of these locations on the map. Clicking on any location provides you the address of that location and some additional information about which popular artist may be playing there. If you are a music lover and interested in hosting a street piano, you can choose to become a host by clicking on ‘Get Involved’

Play Me Again Pianos can be accessed through this link.

5. Play It Forward:

This is a website dedicated to providing information about Public Pianos in Singapore. You can click on ‘Locate our Pianos’ and visualize all the 12 and growing locations on a map. Like the above, you can click on a location to get more information about it.

Click here to access Play It Forward public pianos in Singapore.

Most of the Public Pianos are designed to provoke people to engage with the society and claim the ownership of their urban landscape. Many of them have also brought out the hidden musicians in the community especially those who do not have a regular access to this musical instrument. Hence it doesn’t really matter if you are a ‘Beethoven’, just sit down at a public piano and let your fingers do the talking. You never know, there may be a musician inside you.

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