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In this article, I’ll cover 2 free ASCII table maker software for Windows.

ASCII tables are ideal for representing tabular data in a terminal, source code, etc. An ASCII table uses special characters to represent the row-column layout. You can make an ASCII table in a regular text editor but that could be little frustrating and time-consuming. The simplest way of making an ASCII table is using a tool that takes the raw data as input and generates an ASCII table as output.

There are plenty of online tools for generating ASCII table which you can find here. But when it comes to software, there are not so many options available. I didn’t find any single software that can generate an ASCII table by taking the raw table data as input. But, there are a few software which you can use to make an ASCII table.

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Here Are 2 Free ASCII Table Maker Software:

ASCII Art Studio

create ascii table with this free software
ASCII Art Studio is a free software to make ASCII art. It’s an MS Paint-like software that uses characters instead of pixels. It has various tools to generate different types of art in ASCII including an image to ASCII converter. Among all the tools, there is a “Table” tool which you can use to draw table. To do that, select the Table tool, enter the number of rows and columns in the tool’s properties and plot a table with your mouse cursor. Here, you can also select which characters you want to use for the table layout.

After making the table layout, you can use the regular Text tool to enter the data in the table. When your ASCII table is complete you can save it as a text file or export it as a GIF image. You can also copy it to the clipboard for quick use and you can also print it to PDF.

You can download this ASCII table maker software here.


ascii table maker software

JavE is a free ASCII editor software which you can use to make ASCII tables. This is a Java-based software so, make sure Java is installed on your computer before using it.

JavE doesn’t have any native option to make ASCII tables. But, it has various tools with which you can make an ASCII table. You can create the table boundaries with the Rectangle Algorithmic tool and then use the Freehand Algorithmic tool to divide the rectangle into rows and columns. Then, you can enter the data in the table with the help of textbox tool. Simply create a text box, type/paste your data and place it on the table. You can also add mathematical expressions to your with the Mathematical Expressions tool right next to the textbox tool. After making an ASCII table, you can save it as a text file or export it as GIF image.

Download this ASCII table maker software here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 5 free ASCII table maker software for Windows. With these software, you can make ASCII tables, copy them to the clipboard and use wherever needed. You can also save them as text files or export as GIFs.

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