Free Voice Translation App based on ChatGPT for Android

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speakSync is a free ChatGPT based Voice Translation App for Android that helps you to bridge the barriers of language with just the tap of a button. It has been especially designed for language learners, travelers, business professionals and others to connect with the world irrespective of the language they speak.

SpeakSync has a user-friendly interface and accommodates a wide range of languages, exceeding 70 in total. Simply choose your source and target language, then speak into the microphone to record your voice. Within moments, SpeakSync will swiftly translate your audio into the selected language and automatically play back the translated content for you.

How it Works:

1. Tap on this link to install speakSync from the Google Play Store.

2. Launch the application and observe the two sections on your device screen, one for the source and the other for the target language.

3. Tap on the drop-down menus at the centre right of the screen and choose the desired language from over 70 options.

Select language

4. Now tap on any one of the microphone buttons depending on the language you wish to speak, record your voice and then tap the animated button to submit the recording.

Record voice

5. Wait for a few seconds while speakSync processes the recorded audio and translates it into the target language.

6. The translated audio will be played for you automatically. Furthermore, the source and target audio will be transcribed into text and presented on the screen for your convenience.

English Arabic

English French


7. You can tap on the ‘speaker’ button at the top right of the screen to hear the audio as many times as you like.

Closing Comments:

In general, speakSync appears to be a good Voice Translation App tailored for Android phones, that helps you to easily overcome language barriers. While it is explicitly designed for business, travel, education, and similar sectors, it also offers a playful avenue for language experimentation if you so desire.

Tap here to install speakSync from the Google Play Store.

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