Basic Media Player to Play Music Files: Classic Player

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Classic player is a very simple and basic media player which can be used to play music files or songs. It has a very basic looking interface, it supports several audio file formats like, mp3, mp4, m3u, wma, wav etc. The interface is so simple and intuitive and it does not provide any cool graphical user interface, so you wont see any animations or any colours. Look at the below screenshot to see how it looks.

As you can guess from the below screenshot how simple looking Classic Player is, justifying its name completely. You can add audio files by clicking on + button at the center, which will let you browse through your system for any audio file. Classic player lets you create Playlist, which will be shown on the central window. You can see the status of player at the bottom, so while playing it will show “Playing”.

Classic Player_1

It lets you Stop the music any time, pause it, fast forward, or rewind it. You can opt to play next song in the playlist by clicking button, or can even play previous song in the playlist.

The looks are very simple, but it provides various features like any audio player. You can control the volume through volume bar, and control the music by seek bar. It also lets you do the setting related to repetition, as you can choose to repeat song, repeat playlist or do not repeat song.

Classic Player_2

Under File menu, you can find several options like, Add media to Playlist (Ctrl+A), Open Saved playlist. You can select to start any media or stop any music file. It also provides shortcuts for Removing any media, or Play via URL, Clear Playlist or Save settings. Apart from these setting options, you can choose to dock it to Left side of your window. You can also enable or disable the complete view of the player. Classic Player with complete controls looks like below screenshot, wherein you can see other settings like Volume control, Seek Bar and Repeat Mode as well.

Classic Player_3

Key Features of Classic Player

  • Like its name says, it is a classic player with no GUI and very simple UI.
  • It is free to download and very easy to use.
  • Supports various audio file formats.
  • You can add any media by drag and dropping onto window.
  • Features like forward, rewind, play next item in list, previous item etc. are there.
  • You can hide or unhide play list.
  • You can see the status of the audio at the bottom of player.

Overall Review

Just like its name suggests, Classic player is a nice simple to use and tidy music player. It has a very basic desktop windows user interface with plain colours but it works just like any other music player. However it does not offer advance options that music players like VLC offers. Get Classic player from this link.

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Free/Paid: Free

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