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Pixelaria is a free animation software, to create pixel art animation. It is a simple and light weight animation software, using which you can create some really cool 2D animations for console, PC, or web-based games. The software is light but is effective and lets you create animations frame by frame, that is pages after pages. The software create animations in the form of bundles which has different set of animations made up of consequent frames of 2D sketches or paintings. The good thing is you can create as many animations as you want in a bundle and then save the bundle in .PXL (Pixclscript Script file). So, that you can open them again and use the animations in a new one, or for editing the same.

Pixelaria - frame editor

The software consists of some really good animation tools and options. You can control the frame rate and canvas size. You can also use different drawing tools like, pen, line, rectangle, circle, color picker, and color fill to draw the desired animations, and import images in your animations, to make them look more attractive. And, what’s more? You can even use filters to get the desired sketches or drawings. And once you are done with all the creating animation part, you can finally view the preview.

Create pixel art animation using this free animation software:

This is lightweight yet a very good animation software. It is aided with all the necessary tools and options, and to add more to it’s functionality, they all work completely fine. Creating an animation in the software is very easy and every step follows previous one in a sequence. There’s nothing too complicated in the software and you can learn working on the software in few minutes, though you need to have a little knowledge of pixel animation, and software for creating pixel animation like Adobe Dreamweaver or Flash.

This software is best suited for the 2D animation beginners, and helps them in generating an interest 2D animations. This software is not simple as it seems. To some extent, it’s up to the good 2D animation software mark. It has got all requisite drawing and animation tools, like: you can use pen, color picker, line, rectangle, select, and color fill tools to draw the requisite sketch on a frame. Plus, you can also control the frame rate (speed of animation) and animation frame size etc.

Pixelaria -button to add new animation

Simply, launch the animation software and click on Create New Animation button in the tool bar. This gives you a new box, to enter animation name, frame dimension, and frame rate. Once you are through that you’ll get the animation file window opened (a child window in the main window) listing all the frames. Now good thing is, you can add as many separate new animation files inside a bundle as you want. Simply double-click on a frame to edit it, that is draw on it. Draw on the transparent area and not on the solid part. You can use all the tools and once you are done, click on Apply changes and close button in the tool bar. Whatever you drew gets added in the current frame.

Pixelaria - animation window (sub-window)

Next is adding new frame. Simply click on Add new frame at the end of animation. This adds a new frame at the end. Simply double-click on it and follow the same aforementioned steps to finally create a complete animation and click on Apply Changes and close button in the tool bar of child window.

Pixelaria - saving file

Good thing is, you can see a preview of the animation on the left side of the child window which helps you in knowing how fast should be the frame rate to get ideal animation. Once you are done with everything simply save the whole bundle as .PXL file to import and use them again.

Key features of this free animation software:

  • Good free animation software.
  • Create 2D animations and see their preview.
  • Aided with good drawing and animation tools.
  • Save animation in .PXL file type.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Here’s another good drawing application to draw on desktop screen, play recap of steps.

Final note:

Pixelaria, is a good little animation software. There are multiple good features in the software and collectively makes it a good free animation software. But, it has one feature missing: option to export animation as a FLV or other common file type. Otherwise, it’s an all complete animation software. All in all, a good start animation software for the animation amateurs.

Get Pixelaria here.

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