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Webprints is a free 3D modelling and printing platform that enables creators and enthusiasts of all ages to discover, share, and license their 3D innovations. In fact, if you look closely, it is not just a modelling and printing platform but a flourishing community for people passionate about this field.

Webprints essentially aims to encourage collaborations and supports modelers and manufacturers to move ahead from merely being hobbyists to successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. There are several existing platforms for 3D file sharing and learning but they have either become slow and difficult to navigate or overrun by a lot of intrusive advertisements. A lot of them are taking too large share in profits for those creators who are involved in selling commercial subscriptions. This is precisely where Webprints offers a very tangible solution that is more inviting, free, and very safe for makers of all ages.

What does Webprints Beta offer

  1. Webprints Profile: You can build your own profile that reflects on your creator persona and showcase your 3D innovations.
  2. Share with everyone: Webprints supports 3D models as well as printing file that you can upload and share with STL & GCODE previews. This makes it very easy for other creators in the community to preview and admire your models.
  3. Built-in safety: Webprints boasts of a Safety net and robust Terms & Conditions that include forceful content moderation features so that a respectful community can be built.


1. Click on this link to navigate to Webprints and sign up for a free account using your Google, GitHub or Facebook credentials.

2. Input your Username, Full name, Bio, Social media handles, Interests and Skills and more and click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right to save your Profile.


3. You can now start creating your 3D projects and upload the related files. For this click on the ‘New Project’ button at the top right.

4. Assign the Title and Description for your project and paste the URL of the instructional YouTube video if required.

Project Title & Description

5. Next, drag and drop the assets on to the box towards the right of the page. The supported formats are Images, PDF, STL files (for preview) and GCode. You must remember that each project must include a minimum of one STL file and one image.

6. Next, select the Printer Type and Material using the corresponding drop-down lists and specify the Weight of the Material using the accompanying slider. Also, define the Print Duration in Hours & Minutes and choose the Nozzle Diameter from the drop-down selection.

Printer type & Materia

7. Finally, add all possible tags that you desire to use with your project, select the License model using the corresponding drop-down menu and click on the ‘Publish’ button at the top right.

8. Your project will now be submitted and will be available to the community pending a review by the Webprints team.

Pending review

9. To discover other the 3D projects by other creators and modellers, click on the ‘Discover’ link in the top navigation bar. You can go scroll through the projects manually or click on the ‘search’ icon to directly search for any 3D projects using keywords or possible tags.

Community Projects

10. Click on the thumbnail of any project to open and get more information about it including the Description, License type, Print details, Previews of the model and more. To download all the project files as a Zip archive, click on ‘Download’ button.


11. If you wish to download only the files that you need, you can click on the ‘Download’ icon ahead of the selected file.

Roboto Project

Closing Comments:

Webprints is a free and thriving ecosystem that enables educators, creators, and enthusiasts to discover, create and share their 3D innovations easily and quickly. You can also choose to license your 3D creations using different types.

GO ahead and make it your destination for 3D model sharing, printing, and learning. Click here to navigate to Webprints.

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