5 Online Word Art Generator Websites Free

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This article covers 5 Free Word Art Generator Websites.

With these websites, you can create beautiful word art. You can simply enter your regular text and make it look good by selecting a beautiful word art style and decorating it with various given options.

Within a couple of minutes, you can easily generate amazing word arts with these websites. After generating the word art, you can download it to your computer. Most of these websites generate a PNG file of your word art whereas some also give you an option to save it as GIF or SWF file. So, let’s start the list and discuss these websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Online Word Art Generator Websites:


online word art generator

MakeWordArt.com is a free website that has the old school word art generator that you might have used in earlier version of MS Windows or MS Office. Here, you get 15 different word art style to choose from. The process of making the word art is simple, select a style and enter your text. Your text will appear on the screen in that same word art style. Then go to ‘Edit‘ and click the ‘Finish‘ option. This will give you a popup to save your word art as PNG along with options to share it on social media.

Try this Animated Text Generator here.


free online word art generator

AntoineMoPa is a free web application where you can generate animated word art. It has two different styles of the word art. In each style, there is three line of text, each has its own different design. To generate your word art here, enter the text for any or all three lines. You can also adjust the font size for each line individually. As you type your text, you can see a live preview of the word art in the preview window. After making your word art, you can download it as a GIF file to your computer.

Try AntoineMoPa Word Art Generator here.


online word art generator free

Loading.io is another online word art generator application. Here, you can generate bouncy and colorful word art. You can make various type of word art by choosing the different color schemes for your text. You can personalize your word art by adjusting the size of the output word art image. This is an animated word art so, you can adjust the animation style and speed as well. You can add the background color to your word art or keep it transparent. After making your word art here, you can download it as a GIF, SVG, or APNG file.

Generate Word Art with Loading.io here.


free word art generator

FlashVortex.com is another free website where you can generate animated word art online. It has a decent collection of templates from which you can choose a style for your word art. To customize and personalize your word art, you can select different fonts, text colors and adjust the text size accordingly. Then, you can set the layout for your text and adjust the animation settings as well. After making all the desired changes, you can generate your word art and download it as a .swf file. FlashVortex also generates an HTML embed code which you can use to add your word art to a webpage.

Give this Word Art Generator a try here.


word art generator
MagicWidgets offers a simple tool to generate word art online. With this tool, you can easily generate animated word art here. To do that, simply type your regular text here and choose an animation effect for it. Then, select a background color for your word art and click the ‘Create‘ button to make the word art. Along with your word art, MagicWidgets also generates HTML embed code to help you easily use your word art on websites and blogs.

You can try MagicWidgets Word Art Generator here.

Wrap Up

With these free websites, you can easily generate beautiful word art online. You can personalize them as you like and save them to your computer. Go, give them a try yourself and let us know which one you like in comments.

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