Online Note Taking Tool with Hierarchy Editor, Flashcards for Practice

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This article covers a free online note-taking tool with hierarchy editor and flashcards for practiceRemNote is an innovative note-taking app that makes the process of digital note taking simple and more convenient than any other note-taking method including paper note taking as well.

This note-taking app has a hierarchy editor that lets you structure your notes in bullet points by maintaining the right context. It has two unique features called Rem and Portal. Rem is to store simple pieces of knowledge whereas Portal is to link a piece of knowledge elsewhere. With these features, you can create detailed yet simple notes which otherwise won’t be possible. On top of that, this app helps you remember all the important pieces of knowledge using flashcards. RemNote has lots of useful features up its sleeves, so let’s discuss it in details.

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Online Note Taking Tool with Hierarchy Editor, Flashcards for Practice

RemNote packs lots of features which might confuse you initially. I recommend you to take the help of given tutorials to fully understand the motive and functions of this app.

This app has a simple and sleek user interface with an index on the left and canvas for selected items on the right. From the index, you can create new documents and manage them under folders and directories.


Now, the main thing in this app is the document or note. In the note, you can add title along with references at the top. Next to the title, there are options to move the note to other directory and mark it a draft, saved, or finished. The main body of the note initially contains two options;

  • Add a Rem: To store a definition along with a paragraph (create information hierarchy).
  • Add a Portal: To link a section to some other documents and vice versa.

You can write the content int the note as usual and add any of these items wherever you want to.


Apart from that, when you hover the mouse cursor on a paragraph, it shows you three following options to further make it information-rich:

  • Finished: This is simply just to mark a paragraph finished.
  • Edit Later: To add a reminder for later editing.
  • Type: To mark a paragraph Concept, Text, Description, or Question.
  • The type information is later used by the flashcard features to select the important content for practice.

Other Features


RemNote has lots of other features as well that can be handy in various circumstances. Each paragraph has a 3-line menu in front of them which opens a context menu with the following features:

  • Option to add a child node to the paragraph
  • Add a Portal to the paragraph
  • Media Import
  • Formatting options
  • Convert note into a document
  • View Rem Cards (flashcards) for the note
  • View references
  • Color-coding and more

Flashcard for Practice


Flashcard is a feature that you can find in the Queue section of this app. This feature analyzes your notes and gives you timely cards questioning about the Rem saved in your account. It’s more like a self-test where you can try to remember the Rem and thus improve your learning.

Give this online note-taking tool a try here.

Wrap Up

RemNote is trying a new approach to improve digital note-taking. The features this app is offering are truly innovative and very helpful to structure note with all the important pieces of information. Give it a try yourself and share your experience with us in the comments.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 2.5]

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