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HitRecord is a free online web service, and is an internet medium, using which you can submit your creative artworks, illustrations, photos, stories, write-ups, videos, and audio. Using the website, you can find new content and ideas for your artwork and stuff.

It’s the official website of the HITRECORD production company. Which is a free collaborative production company, founded and owned by one of the young-versatile and talented Hollywood actor, director, screenwriter, producer and editor, Joseph Gordon Levitt. This web service is a medium, using which you can connect to HITRECORD and it’s members. And then view all the creative works uploaded by the members and like, comment, and even download their RECords (illustrations, animations, videos, photos etc.). You can then, use the records in your own illustration, animation, video, or music etc., and then upload a complete new remake of it compiled with your creation.


This web service lets you search for RECords (works uploaded by other users), and view user’s profiles, their collaborations, albums, featured records, and recommendations. You can use filters, sorting, and different viewing modes, for finding the right records to use in creating your own records.

View Hitrecord videos, clips, animations, artworks etc. and download them for remake:

The website is somewhat like a social network for the artists and creative geniuses. The idea behind HITRECORD is pretty cool, which is: creating some really good-quality clips, videos, illustrations, and other artworks, using a collaborative approach, that includes minds of millions of people from around the world and their creative ideas and imaginations. Whatever work (RECords in company’s terms), that you upload in the website can be downloaded by any other hitRECord user, and he/she can use it in his/her artwork. That is, you provide a non-exclusive right to remix, use, and modify your RECords. And, this is what, the collaborative artwork is. Before signing-up, see the terms and conditions.

HITRECORD - uploading new record

You should not get too worried about the copyright issues, because the web service is a collaborative production company. However, there’s a pretty good catch for you and every single user who uploads their artworks. If the company uses your RECords in it’s projects, like short films, books, DVDs etc. Then the company promises that they will share the profits with you. So, it’s a pretty good medium to connect to other artists and even make some money.

HITRECORD - browsing for records category wise

Once you log into HITRECORD, you can view Dashboard that has the RECords uploaded by users. Or you can browse for RECords by recently uploaded, latest records, most recommended, and greatest hits category. Working on HITRECORD is pretty easy. It’s more like browsing a website. To view your RECords, click on your username. You’ll get your profile opened with following labels at the left: All Records, Albums, Collaborations, Recommendations, My Downloads, My Subscriptions, My Hidden Records, and My Payment Information.

HITRECORD - your profile and records

Simply click on a RECord to view it. You can then download, comment, and like the RECord. To upload a new record, whether text, video, audio, image, or a zip file, simply, click on red REC button, that you get on every page of the website, and then upload your artwork.

HITRECORD - option to download and comment record

Key features of HITRECORD:

  • Free sign-up.
  • Upload your creative artwork like, illustrations, videos, photographs, audio, write-ups etc.
  • Search and download other users artworks.
  • Complete remake and modifying rights for artworks.
  • Like and comment on artworks.
  • Subscribe users to view their artworks regularly.
  • Great idea.
  • Easy and simple to use.

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Final verdict:

HITRECORD, certainly is a very good medium to find and, share creative artworks. And, the added advantage is that, your artwork can get featured in TV, clips etc., and you’ll get paid for that. A great idea to connect to artists around the world, or simply view their amazing artworks.


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