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Copywriters are people who are basically responsible for producing clear, inspiring and creative content for a variety of advertising media such as websites, print ads, social media posts and more. Their responsibilities range from researching on keywords to generating interesting content and proofreading it for accuracy and quality.

There are some key challenges faced by Copywriters in order to succeed, for example Staying updated, Understanding and knowing one’s audience, Research skills, Ability to engage the audience and many more. One requires a great deal of practice and perfection to overcome these challenges and hone one’s skills.

This is where Copywriting Prompts comes in very handy. It is a Free Online Tool that provides you with new topics and exercises which cover a variety of real and imaginary products. They challenge the copywriter to think out of the box, use humor and creativity and deploy persuasive strategies to convince the readers and make them agree on a certain idea.

How it Works:

To use this tool simply visit the website using the link provided at the end of this article and a new Prompt will be displayed. You can click on ‘New Prompt’ for additional exercises as and when required.

Copywriting Prompt 1

Copywriting Prompt 2

Copywriting Prompt 3

Alternatively, you can subscribe to their service, free of cost for 1 year and get a practice prompt in your mailbox every day for a complete year.



Copywriting Prompts is an awesome tool for Copywriters to hone their skills related to Creative writing, Persuasion and more by offering them new practice exercises covering a range of imaginary and real products.

Click here to navigate to Copywriting Prompts.

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