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Notion Templates Gallery is a free collection of thousands of Notion Templates for the user community to view what is possible with Notion.

It also provides global creators with an awesome place to platform their work and share it.

The basic idea behind this wonderful gallery was to gather, organize and present all the amazing things that people build using Notion in a single place as well as to highlight the creators who have created them.


Notion Templates main page

Notion templates are present in several online spaces and communities such as Etsy, Gumroad, Pinterest and more as well as hundreds of personal websites. If you are on the lookout for a specific template or a creator or desire to share a template of your own, it becomes very difficult to choose where to go. This is exactly the role that has been carved out for the new, redesigned Notion Templates Gallery.

The new gallery has been expanded from 600 templates to more than 5000 that affect each and every area of your life and cover each of the main product groups of Notion: Projects, Docs, and Wiki. You can surf through the main page of the Templates Gallery and find Popular Templates, Top Categories, Featured Creators, New collections and more.

Brand new templates bundles built by Notion have been included over here that offer an entire team’s work at a single place. A classic example is the Engineering Team in a Box template that enables you to track bugs, plan sprints, write teach specs and organize your technical documentation and more, all of this in an interconnected workspace.

Engineering team in a box

Startup in a box

The number of template categories has been improved from 21 to more than 250 for better discoverability. You can easily search for any template using the new search bar and swiftly locate the template that matches your requirements. There is also a curate templates collection that highlights the popular use cases like project management, planning trips, product design, task manager and more.

Behind each of the templates are their respective creators who have always been a core part of the Notion ecosystem. A new feature called Creator Profiles page has been introduced in the Templates Gallery to award creators with more ways to interact with the people who use their work. These profiles provide information about themselves and advocate their work by unifying and presenting all their templates under one window.


More than 2000 Creator profiles are currently visible from brands and freelancers to entrepreneurs and businesses. Notion has partnered with some of the best leaders across several industries to bring their expertise and insights into the Templates collection.

Thomas Frank

Brie Wolfson

As a further impetus for Creators, Notion has offered a new template submission process that makes it very easy to get your templates in the gallery. Click here to start your submissions today and claim your Notion handles.

Closing Comments:

The spirit behind the power of Notion is truly and justifiably exemplified by Builders and Creators. The new, redesigned templates gallery gives the community a perfect space to create, build, and share all the things that matter most to them. This, in turn, helps countless people across the globe to discover imaginative ways to accomplish remarkable things.

Go ahead and browse through the gallery and see what’s in it for you. Click here to navigate to the new Notion Templates Gallery.

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