5 Free Online Map Games For Kids

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free online map games for kids. These online map games will help your kids learn where different continents, countries, capitals, etc. are located on a map. In addition to this, your kids will also be able to learn geography as some of these map games websites also provide tons of useful information related to the places being asked. You can also play these map games if you want to test your geography knowledge.

online map games for kids

Most of the map games on my list are single player. In case, you are looking for a multiplayer geography game then you should check out GameOn World. This is also a type of a map game as you need to locate cities and places on the world map. You should definitely check it out if you want to compete with your friends and see who is better in geography.

World Geography Games:

5 free online map games for kids

World Geography Games is a free website which has a huge collection of geography games for kids and adults. Your kids can play the map games for kids to learn geography in an interactive manner. The best of all they will learn where the most countries are located on the world map, where different states are located in a country, and other similar stuff. The games are fun to play and you will be asked to locate different locations on a map. The question is displayed on the top-left and you have to click on any part of the map to locate the asked place. For each correct answer, a point is awarded and the score is displayed at the top-right. It also counts the number of attempts to guess the correct location. In addition to that, you can quit the game anytime and see the names of the places on the map. The only thing I didn’t like about its games is that you can skip a question if you don’t know its answer and you have to keep on guessing until you hit the right place on the map.

Here is a list of some map games that you can make your kid play:

  • Locate countries in a continent
  • Locate capitals of countries
  • Locate countries by viewing its flag
  • Locate oceans, rivers, deserts, mountains, etc. on a map.
  • Locate different cores of earth, etc.

5 free online map games for kids

All the map games are displayed on the homepage of the World Geography Games. Visit the link provided above and then select any map game to play. The game is then loaded and you can play it by locating places on the map. There is no time limit and you can take all your time to guess the various locations on the map. After you have answered all the locations on the map, the game is over and you can continue with different map game.

Sheppard Software:

5 free online map games for kids

Sheppard Software is another free website for kids to play map games online. The map games are related to locating capitals and countries on the map. What I really liked is the fact that it also provides a learning module for a game. Your kid can first go through the learning module and after that, he can test his geography knowledge by playing the map game. In a map game, your kid will be asked to locate the place on the map. If he gets it right then he will be awarded a score of 1 and if he gets wrong then he can try again. It also hints the place location after a wrong guess. You need to keep a close eye to see the hint. It also displays some information about the location when you select the correct one on the map. The interface of its map game is shown in the screenshot below. In some game levels, you have to enter the first three letters of the country name being highlighted on the map. You have to attempt all the answers in a game to complete it.

5 free online map games for kids

You can make your kids play following types of map games on Sheppard Software:

  • USA geography games to learn about states and capitals.
  • World geography games to spot different continents, countries, and capitals.

National Geographic:

natioanl geographic- play map game online

You might already be familiar with National Geographic as it is one of the most popular infotainment channels. On its website, it provides an interactive map game called Adventure Island in which you have to spot different symbols on the map. Actually, you play as a guide “Kimo” and help your customers reach specific places on the map, like police stations, find trees, etc. The whole concept of the game is to make kids understand how to use a map and quickly infer places on the map from different symbols. The starting of the game itself describes how real-world objects are shown as symbols on the map. So, you play as Kimo and help your customers to go to specific parts on the map of the island. All you have to do is click on the right symbol where your customer wants to go. At the end, you get a tip to help them out. It is a very short game but comes with cool graphics that your kids will most probably like and it is also fun to play. Go to the link provided above and the game will automatically start. All the very best to guide your customers to the right places on the map :)


kidsgeo-online map game

KidsGeo is another free website to play map games online for kids. It also consists of similar map games as in World Geography Games and Sheppard Software mentioned above i.e. locate different places on the world map. The only difference is that in its map games, you have to drag and drop a small map on an another map on its correct position. For example, in World Map Match Game, you will get a country map on the left which you have to drag and place it on to its correct position on the world map. Unfortunately, you can’t zoom into the map which makes pretty difficult to identify smaller countries on the world map. So, this makes it quite difficult to play.

Maps of India:

online map of india

MapsofIndia is the last online map game website on my list. I have especially included for our Indian readers as the map game on this website completely focuses on locations of India. So, if you want to learn where famous museums, sanctuaries, cities, etc. are situated in India then you must play this game. Visit the link provided above to play the game. In this map game, you can choose which locations you want to identify on the Indian map like museums, sanctuaries, cities, and monuments. After that, all you need to do is drag and drop the names of the places on the map of India, as shown in the screenshot above.


In this article, I introduced you to 5 free online map games for kids. My favorites from the list are “World Geography Games”, “Sheppard Software”, and “National Geographic”. If you want a number of different geographical map games then you can check out World Geography Games. Sheppard Software is a pretty useful online resource to learn about different locations from a map game. Well, if you want to make your kid understand how to use a map and spot various symbols on it then National Geographic is a perfect choice.

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