Top Best Safe Search Engine For Kids

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In this article, we will cover Top Best Safe Search Engine for Kids. All these search engine websites are powered by “Google Custom Search“. Some of these search engine for kids websites just have a search option to filter the content for kids. Some have additional (informational educational & entertaining) content for kids and grown-ups. These websites can be very helpful for kids in their studies, homework, and general learning.

So, let us get to know about these search engines that can be really helpful for kids.

You can also check out these Free Browsers for Kids which protect your kids from inappropriate content found on the Internet. And, here are Safe Search Extensions for Google Chrome that can protect you from bloatware content and websites.

Here Are The Top Best Search Engine For Kids:


KidRex is a search engine specially designed for kids. It is based on “Google Custom Search“. KidRex gives filtered safe search results from Google. It has a kid’s sketchbook like interface with a sketch of a T-Rex on its homepage. The interface is simple and easy to navigate.

Safe Search Engine Websites For Kids

To keep things simple, KidRex doesn’t have category tabs to search different items, like Image, Videos, etc. It just shows you web results based on your search keywords. Every search result includes an image from its source which helps kids to find what they seek.

kid-friendly search engine

KidRex has a Kids section and a Parents section. In the Kids section, it features drawings submitted by kids all over the world. The Parent section has some information and tools for the parents. This section includes a Webpage Removal Request Tool. With this tool, you can submit a request to KidRex to remove a webpage that you won’t find appropriate for kids.

Check out KidRex here.

Kiddle is a website with a safe search engine for kids, powered by “Google Custom Search”. It has a nice animated planet like interface that can easily attract kids. Unlike KidRex, it has category tabs for searches. The ranking of search results is also optimized for safe content. Links to educational and informational websites are shown at the top of the search results.

safe search engine for kids

Kiddle has a Kids Encyclopedia which has a large catalog of topics. It covers hundred thousands of articles. These articles are information rich with images and are safe for kids.

kid-friendly content

If you find any keyword that shouldn’t be on Kiddle; you can request blocking of that inappropriate keyword.

Check out Kiddle here.


KidsSearch is another search engine for kids powered by “Google SafeSearch”.  Just like others, KidsSearch engine is also well-optimized for kids. What makes it different from others is, it’s representations and categories at the homepage. It has well-categorized links to various websites right on the homepage. And, these categories are made by keeping a kid’s needs in mind.

safe content

KidsSearch has various tabs for different types of content as well. These tabs are Web, Pictures, Videos, Games, and More. Each tab has some useful links inside. For example, the Game tab has Toddler Games, Preschool Games, Pre-K Games, etc.

The inquiry search works same as KidRex. It only includes web links with image and ranks the related websites with kid-friendly content first.

search engine for kids

KidsSearch also has a paint tool named Kid’s paint. Here kids can paint or use hundreds of online sketches for coloring.

Check out KidsSearch here.


KidzSearch is a well-known website specially designed for kids. This website offers lots of features and educational content. On KidzSearch, you can get almost any type of safe content whether its videos, pictures, games, news, music, etc. And all this content is well-optimized and safe for kids.

safe search engines

Using Google Custom Search, it gives results with appropriate and safe content. You can filter the content with some new category tabs, such as facts, wiki, games, and apps. Selecting one of these categories will give you respective results.

best search engines for kids

Check out KidzSearch here.


Dibdabdoo is a simple search engine like KidRex. It doesn’t have any categories tabs or other search tools. It simply searches your query and gives you results with safe kid-friendly content. Like every other search engine in this list, Dibdabdoo search engine is also powered by Google Custom Search.

search engines for kids

For a rapid search, Dibdabdoo has links under various categories for usually searched content at the homepage. For grown-up kids and parents, Dibdabdoo has its own article section that covers various topics, like Parenting, Hobbies, Health, Career, Travel, etc. You can submit your own article at Dibdabdoo.

Check out Dibdabdoo here.

Wrap Up:

All the search engine for kids covered in this article are specially designed for children. Some of these are just for filtering the safe content from the vast world of the Internet. And, some have their own content and features along with safe Google search. Check these safe search engine websites yourself and tell us which one you prefer for your kids.

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