7 Online Words To Numbers Converter Websites Free

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This article covers 7 free words to numbers converter websites.

If you often get confused between words and numbers and can’t really translate words to numbers then these websites are for you.

These websites offer free words to numbers converters. You can use these converters to translate words to numbers. The process is really simple, you just have to paste/select the words and they will convert that to numbers for you.

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So, let’s explore these converter websites one by one.

7 Online Words To Numbers Converter Websites Free


convert words to numbers

Browserling.com offers various online converters along with custom cross-browser testing solutions. It has a Word to Numbers converter where you can easily change text to numbers. To do that, simply paste the words in the text box there and click the ‘Convert‘ button. This will replace your words with the respective numbers. This way you can easily convert any small and large words to numbers.

You can try this online words to numbers converter here.


words to numbers converter

EasyCalculation.com offers a bunch of free online calculators and converters to help out users with mathematics. With its Text to Decimal Number Converter, you can easily convert words to numbers here. Just enter your words in the upper text box and click convert to get its equivalent number in the lower text box.

Give this words to numbers converter a try here.


words to numbers

dCode is a free website where you can do lots of stuff. You can cipher/decipher messages, cheat in letters and puzzles games, and use its encryption and dictionary tools. With all that, it also has a tool to convert words in numbers. This tool is very simple to use. It has two conversion methods; Number Per Line and Extract All Numbers. The Number Per Line method reads your entire input string as a single number and convert it to number-representation. The Extract All Numbers method reads each number separately and represents them in numbers.

Here is the link to this words to numbers converter.


word to number

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative from this list instead.

BrainMeasures.com offers various online calculators and converters to make calculations easy. One of these calculators is Test to Number which you can use to convert words to numbers. The process is really simple; just paste the words in the text box and click the ‘Calculate‘ button. This will convert your words to numbers and show you that in another text box below.


words to numbers converter

CoolConversion.com is a free website where you can find various online calculators and unit conversions. With its Words to Numbers Converter, you can easily translate words to numbers. Simply paste your words into the text value field and click the ‘Convert‘ button. It will convert your words to equivalent numbers and show it to you in the number field. Below that, it also shows you the way to write that numbers as currency for checks.

You can find this words to numbers converter here.


convert words into numbers

EasySurf takes a step further and provides you drop-down options to select words. It makes the conversion simple and also helps you out to understand the chemistry between words and numbers. Here, you can select values for the trillion, billion, million, thousands and so on. To convert your words to numbers, select those words in this converter and hit convert. It will immediately show you the equivalent number along with a words string for the same.

Give this words to numbers converter a go here.


words to numbers converter

CalculatorSoup.com is another free website that provides free online calculator resources. These calculator resources involve math, algebra, trigonometry, fractions, physics, statistics, time & date, mortgage, loan, time value of money, and other conversions calculators. It also has a conversion calculator to convert words to numbers. Unlike other words to numbers converters on this list, this one is pretty basic. It can only convert one notation at a time. For example, you can easily convert “16.76 Quintillion” to numbers notation or power of 10 notation.

You can try this words to numbers converter here.

Wrap Up

All these words to number converters are very efficient and simple. You can easily use any of these to convert words to numbers.

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