5 Online Pregnancy Test Websites Free

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This article covers 5 free online pregnancy test websites. These tests ask you questions about your recent experiences, birth control methods, emotional and mental state, body changes and more to guess whether you might be pregnant or not.

Do keep in mind that these tests are designed to help you determine whether your experience and symptoms are pregnancy-related or not. They are not a replacement for a home pregnancy test. The results of these tests might not be always true; consulting with a professional is the way to be 100% sure about the pregnancy.

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Here Are The Free Online Pregnancy Test Websites:


online pregnancy test

BabyMed.com is a website where you can get useful information about pregnancy and baby health. It was created by Dr. Amos, an obstetrician, and gynecologist with over 30 years experience in his field. BabyMed has an online pregnancy test where it asks you 15 questions about what kind of birth control you are using, how you’re feeling and if your body has been going through some specific changes. After each question, it gives you some information and advice based on your answer to that question. After you answer all those questions, it tells you if there are chances of you being pregnant or not.

Take online pregnancy test on BabyMed.com here.


online pregnancy test

MomJunction.com offers information on marriage, pregnancy, and parenting. It provides various quizzes and calculators to help you out with pregnancy and parenting. It has a free online pregnancy test that asks you 13 questions and calculates your chances of being pregnant based on your responses. The test asks you some basic questions about your menstrual cycle, birth control methods, unusual food cravings along with any noticeable changes in your body. With each question, it gives you an informational tip based on your answer. In the end, it made a calculated guess whether you might be pregnant or not.

Here is a link to MomJunction‘s online pregnancy test.


online pregnancy test

LovetoKnow.com provides useful information on a variety of topics about pregnancy and baby care accompanied by quality advice. It has an “Online Pregnancy Quiz” with 20 true or false questions. Each question tells you a state/situation that a pregnant woman might experience and takes your response on that. This quiz asks you questions about how you feel, your emotional and mental state, your mood swings, physical changes in your body, and much more. Based on your answers, it comes up with a percentage and tells you the chances of you being pregnant.

Give this online pregnancy test a try here.


online pregnancy test

CheckPregnancy.com offers informational and awareness topics on marriage, pregnancy, parenting, motherhood and women’s health. It offers an online pregnancy quiz with 14 multiple choice questions. The quiz is designed to read the symptoms of pregnancy by asking questions about recent body changes, emotional and mental state, menstrual cycle and more. In the end, it gives you a score out 14, where getting 7 or more shows chances of pregnancy.

Try this online pregnancy test here.


online pregnancy test

FirstTimePregnancy.org was created by a retired medical doctor for the women who are expecting for the first time. This website offers informational topics on pregnancy and baby care. It has an online pregnancy test that you can take to know whether you might be pregnant or not. This test asks you 12 basic pregnancy related questions. It asks if you are experiencing some specific symptoms which can be helpful to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

You can try this online pregnancy test website here.

Wrap Up

These online pregnancy test websites make a calculated guess about your pregnancy based on your responses to their questions. That means, there are fair chances of them being wrong. So, don’t rely on them completely and do consult with a professional.

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