4 Free AI Based Mock Interview Websites

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In this article will explore 4 Free AI-powered mock interview platforms that equip job seekers with the necessary tools to succeed in interviews and secure their desired positions.

Mock interviews are a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming job interviews. You can see and learn what kind of question are being asked for the job you are looking for. Also these websites provide you feedback to your answers and tell you how to improve upon them.

Let’s check out these 4 free AI-powered mock interview platforms below.

1. Interview Warmup from grow.google

This AI-based platform is a great way to prepare for you next interview based on your job role. It offers key questions for practice and provides insights about your answers. You can use them to jump back for another round, build your confidence and get better. This steadily makes you very comfortable in answering interview questions in interviews from industry experts. Just click on the link that we have provide below to navigate to Interview Warmup.

Click ‘Begin Practice,’ select your preferred field for practice, and then click ‘Start.’ Depending on your chosen field, the system will present a set of five questions randomly selected from industry experts. These questions are neatly categorized into Background, Situational, and Technical categories. The application will audibly read out the questions, and users are encouraged to provide spoken answers, which are recorded and transcribed in real-time. Alternatively, you can opt to type your responses.

After completing your responses, you have the option to review them. A Machine Learning Algorithm is then applied to analyze your spoken answers, aiming to identify specific patterns such as frequently used words, job-related terminology, and key talking points. With this information, you can reattempt an answer multiple times to practice and refine your skills. When the test concludes, you have the option to either copy the text of your individual responses or download the full transcript for your own records.

Click here to navigate to Interview Warmup from grow.google

Interview Warmup

Interview Warmup

2. Gainlo

Let’s now move on to the next Mock Interview website namely, Gainlo. Here you can practice your interviews from several popular technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, and more. Click on the link that we have provided below to head towards Gainlo.

Scheduling an interview through this platform is a straightforward procedure. You only need to provide your name and email address, and Gainlo will contact you with additional instructions and the arranged interview time. Subsequently, you will be introduced to interviewers from prominent companies like Google or Facebook, tailored to your unique circumstances, who will conduct the interview online. The interview process closely mirrors actual interviews conducted via platforms such as Skype, utilizing code-sharing tools. Afterward, the interviewer will offer genuine feedback on your performance to assist you in your improvement journey.

Click here to navigate to Gainlo


3. InterviewBit

This is yet another website that helps you to practice mock interviews using top interview questions in various job roles such as Programming, System design, Databases, and more. All that you are required to do is upload your CV and choose the companies that you are preparing for.

This information enables the website to tailor interviews more effectively to match your skills and requirements. The platform includes questions from a range of well-known tech companies that you can use for practice.

Click here to navigate to InterviewBit


4. Pramp

Pramp offers 6 distinct types of mock interviews that you can take online. At the outset, you are required to do is selected the interview type and provide the answers to some basic questions like educational background, professional experience, current level at giving interviews and more.

Subsequently, select one of the options to arrange your initial practice interview according to the job role you’re pursuing, whether it’s System Design, Applied Data Science, Behavioral, and more and click ‘Next.’ On the following page, you can specify your practice preferences, including programming languages, areas of expertise, and other details, choose a suitable time slot based on your availability, and a one-on-one interview session will be scheduled with an expert in the chosen field. Additionally, the website offers demo interviews that you can experiment with for practice before engaging in a mock interview.

Click here to visit Pramp.


Closing Comments:

In the face of intensifying competition in the job market, engaging in mock interviews and practicing interview questions equips prospective candidates with a competitive edge, preparing them for success. Consequently, bolstered by increased self-confidence, candidates can confidently pursue their desired careers in their chosen fields.

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