5 Free AI based Cover Letter Writers to Generate Letter of Motivation

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A Motivation Ketter also known as a Cover letter is a Letter of Introduction that accompanies your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or some other document. It details your academic / professional skills and the reasons for applying for a Job, Scholarship, Course of study at some university and more.

Job Seekers usually take help of a motivation letter along with their application and CV as a fine instrument for introducing themselves to their would-be employers explaining how they are apt for the applied position.

Employers generally look for highly thoughtful and personalized cover letters as a way of screening applicants and filtering out those who may not be amply interested in the said positions or may be lacking the necessary skill set to take up the job.

One of the biggest and most common challenges while drafting a Motivation Letter is to get its Tone right. You wish to display your skills and achievements, but at the same time you cannot be seen as bragging. Also, you want to look professional while appearing highly cheerful and enthusiastic about taking up the position.

To help the job seekers in overcoming this challenge, we will be exploring 5 Free AI based Cover Letter Writers that you can use to generate a Letter of Motivation.

1. Cover Letter Writer

The first AI based website for generating a Letter of Motivation is Cover Letter Writer. The working of this website is very simple. Just type the Position that you are applying for or alternatively, paste the URL of the job post. Next, feed your relevant experience in the box provided making sure that you include all your necessary skills and the experience that is relevant to the job in question and click on ‘Write cover letter’.

It may take a while before the AI algorithms of the website generates the required content for the cover letter. You can copy and paste the content in your word processor program like Microsoft Word, modify it if required attach it with your Application and CV.

Overall, I found that the content of the cover letter was not very impressive and appeared monotonous and generalized which is not exactly what the employers are looking for. So you may have to do a fair amount of modification before you can put it to use.

Click here to navigate to Cover Letter Writer.

Cover Letter Writer

2. Copy.ai

Let’s move ahead to the next website to generate the Letter of Motivation using AI, namely Copy.ai. This is an extremely popular and widely used tool that helps in copywriting various types of content such as Product descriptions, Ad copies, Blogs, Emails, Resumes and Cover letters.

Just register for a free account and sign in using your Google or Facebook credentials and navigate to Personal Tools | Cover Letter using the side panel on the dashboard. Type or paste the Role / Position for which you want the cover letter, type the relevant Experience and Skills and choose a Tone for the cover letter. Verify all the information that you have posted and click on ‘Create Content’.

Copy.ai will process all the information that you have provided and generate three different drafts of cover letters for you by using its AI. You can choose the one you like most, copy and modify the content (if required) and attach it with your CV before you apply for the said position.

Overall, the content of the cover letter generated by copy.ai was fairly good but may require a bit of modification in order to customize it adequately for the job in question.

Click here to visit Copy.ai

Copy AI

3. InkforAll

Like the earlier website that we reviewed, InkforAll too is specialist in generating Compelling copies for Websites, Product descriptions, Social Media posts, Email campaigns, Resumes, Cover letters and much more.

All that you are required to do is specify the Role that you are applying for, type / paste the relevant Skills / Experience that matches the position, set the Tone of the voice to Professional and click on ‘AI Write’. In a couple of moments InkforAll will produce three drafts of the cover letter that you can copy / paste in any word processing application and modify if required. Once it is ready, you can attach it with you CV and send it across to your potential employers.

In summary, I found that InkforAll generates good and satisfactory content for cover letters that you can use on as is basis or modify if required to precisely suit the position that you are applying for.

To visit InkforAll, click here.


4. Rytr

The next AI based website that we will be exploring to generate a motivation letter is Rytr. It is a popular writing assistant that helps you in automatically and quickly drafting high-quality content such as Emails, Blogs, Ads, Social Media posts, Cover letters and more.

Just use the link provided below and click on ‘Start Ryting’. Type the Job Role for which you want a cover letter and then feed the relevant job Skills and Experience. Next, choose the number of Variants that you require, Tone of the Voice and the Creativity level and then click on ‘Ryte for me’.

In just a few moments, Rytr will provide the content of the cover letter, depending on the number of variants that you have specified. Further, copy the content to any word processing program, modify it if required and use it along with your CV to impress your employers.

Overall, Rytr produces good quality content that you can use for your cover letter, but I felt that length of the content that it generated was quite less to convey any point satisfactorily.

Click here to visit Rytr.


5. Kickresume

We now move on to the final AI based website for generating professional looking Resumes as well as Motivation letters, namely Kickresume. To use this website, you must register for a free account and sign in using your Google or Facebook credentials.

Once you have signed in, click on ‘Cover Letter’ under the section titled ‘Your Documents’ and then click on ‘New Cover Letter’. Kickresume provides some free templates for generating your cover letter. Select any one of them that you like and then input all the information pertaining to your Personal and the Recipient details, Position that you are applying for and more. In the section titled ‘Letter Body’ click on use ‘AI Writer’ and wait a while for Kickresume to generate the required content.

Next, click on Design in the panel towards the left side of the Dashboard and modify the font color, style, size, line spacing and more. The cover letter that you are designing will be available for real-time preview on the right side of the workspace. When you are happy with the content and its looks, click on the ‘Download’ in the left panel and download your cover letter in PDF or Word format. You can also choose to send the cover letter to the email address that you specify or save it in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Overall, Kickresume is a good cover letter generator website as it helps you to draft its content using AI as well as design the cover letters using free templates.

To navigate to Kickresume, click here


Closing Words:

My Vote for the best AI based cover letter generator will be cast in favour of InkforAll as I found the content to be pretty much appealing from the point of view of a professional cover letter. You may try each of the websites that I have explored above and see which one of them best suits your requirements. Do write to us about your opinions.

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