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Trend Micro SmartSurfing is a free browser for Windows 8 that protects you against phishing and malicious websites. This app is developed by the Trend Micro team, which is into developing security software. You can get more information about Trend Micro, here. The main feature of this free app is it lets you surf the internet safely. That is, using the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™,  the app checks whether a link in a page is safe to be visited or not. And if the link is suspicious, then the app notifies you that it is not safe to visit the page. It is basically a web browser integrated with the metro user interface of Windows 8, that provides security while surfing the internet.

The app totally works like a web browser that is, you can open any web page whether a site or a search engine, open multiple tabs, add a bookmark within the app. The app is integrated with web threat protection, search result ratings, webmail rating, and social networking protection.

Trend Micro SmartSurfing - Welcome Screen

You can get this free Windows 8 safe browser under the Tools Category in Windows Store. Or you can use the Windows 8 Search Charm (Win + Q) to search for the app in Windows Store.

Details of this free Windows 8 app for web browsing:

Like I said before this free Windows 8 web browsing app provides a safer experience while surfing the internet. It protects you from the malicious websites, email links, search results, instant messages in a chat and suspicious links of you Facebook wall. You can use the app like a normal web browser. The app opens with three buttons at the Welcome screen, which includes: Google Search, Facebook, and Bing. The results which are safe to visit gets checked marked in green. Simply take you mouse over the green check mark to view the Trend Micro Page rating.

Trend Micro SmartSurfing - Google Search results

Same is the way the app checks your links on Facebook wall or any other social networking site page links, and of course the links of your mails. The links which are not safe to visit gets cross marked with red color and the links which have not yet been tested by Trend Micros gets questioned marked in grey color. It is a best way to stay protected from all the harmful websites, links, Trojans, viruses, and worms.

Trend Micro SmartSurfing - Accessing Facebook

The app is pretty clean and smooth. It has got Windows 8 metro UI, and lets you surf the web in full screen. In order to enter a URL, simply make a right click on the screen and you’ll get two flyouts. One at the top and other at the bottom of the screen. The top flyout consists of all the tabs that you have opened in the app; and the bottom flyout contains a text field for the URL, buttons for refreshing and going back & forth between pages. Besides these it also contains buttons for bookmarking a page and a button to open bookmark list. Plus, there’s also a button for opening a new tab.

Trend Micro SmartSurfing - malicious web page

Key features of this free Windows 8 web browsing app:

  • Freely available.
  • Pretty good app for being a Windows 8 web browser app.
  • Provides protection from malicious page links, websites, viruses, worms etc.
  • Good metro UI.
  • Simple and easy to use.

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Trend Micro SmartSurfing - Bing Search

Final Note:

Trend Micro SmartSurfing is a good free Windows 8 app for web browsing. The fact that the app keeps the same old web browser layout, not only makes it easy for the users to use the app, but also gives them a familiar environment. Working on Bing within the app is really amazing and intuitive. Besides all these, it accomplishes it’s main purpose by marking the links of a page by checks and crosses, and hence makes browsing safe. Definitely a good app to try.

Get Trend Micro SmartSurfing here.

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