Free Keylogger to Record Keystrokes: Spyrix Key Logger

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Spyrix Key Logger is a free key logging software that can record all the keystrokes. Apart from logging keystrokes, this freeware can also take screenshots of the running programs at regular intervals, so that you can monitor the activities going on. It can also record all the programs that are running.

Many believe that spying is one of the worst things people could do, whereas some believe it is an essential element to keep a close eye on your related activities. Moreover it purely depends on the purpose the act of spying is conducted. It is immoral for spying on a person in order to steal their identities, but spying on your children using parental control software so that you are well aware of their online activities might be important.

For all these purposes, Spyrix Key Logger proves to be very handy software which records each and every activity that goes over a system. The tool has been designed in such a way that it records even the log activity, keystrokes, visited emails, passwords, etc.
Android skin

This free key logger captures screenshots of every activity such as the applications used, as a visual evidence for any malicious activity. Moreover for organizations this tool proves to be effective application as you can monitor your employees activities and the usage of their systems. For instance, it would be a waste for your organization in case they use the systems more for surfing YouTube videos rather than doing something productive.

Spyrix Key Logger Tracking System

With this application, you could actually track each and every program which is running on a system. Being a keylogger, it logs all your keystrokes.

Just as you start the application, it starts the monitoring process. Moreover you have the option of disabling the monitoring system at your will. It could be done by clicking the Stop Button on the top left side of the application window.

This keylogger collects information that includes:

  • Event (Type)
  • Date and Time of the concerned activity
  • Title of the Window being captured
  • Name of the Application
  • The Value

The above details can be viewed in the main window of the application window (screenshot below):
main window

In order to view the screenshots of a concerned activity, you just need to double-click on the preview, which is available in the application window at the bottom. This opens up the screenshot in your preferred image viewer application.

How to Use Spyrix Keylogger

The application captures the screenshots on a continuous basis and gets updated right below the application window. You may click the minimize button, which would keep the application running at the background. You can access the application again by selecting it from the system tray on the task bar. Not only that, but you also have the option of hiding the application and letting it run in the stealth mode. After this, the notification icon gets removed and the application could only be accessed or restored through the use of a hotkey and a password.

Looking at the application, you would realize that it is a simple yet good-looking application which could well be modified as per your needs. It comes with several skins such as the Ubuntu, Android, or the iOS. You may select your favorite skins from the settings window (screenshot below):

While in the settings window besides just changing the skin you get options for changing the language or the screenshot capture behavior. One may even change or set the hotkey along with the password for this application when run on stealth mode. You can enable or disable the Hide Tray Icon and then Run at the Windows Startup Option. The software is compatible on Windows operating system starting from the Windows XP to the Windows 8 and supports both the 32-bit and the 64-bit OS.

All in all, Spyrix free keylogger is a good free software to keep an eye on the activities being performed on a computer. The fact that it can capture screenshots at regular intervals is a big plus.

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