Know If A product on Amazon is Tested on Animals with this Extension

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This article covers a free Chrome extension to know if a product on Amazon is tested on animals. Amazon has become the one-stop shopping platform for a vast variety of products covering electronics to home goods, groceries, and much more. But many products on Amazon are made by the companies that engage in harmful business practices, like animal testing.

Tribe is a free browser extension that tells you about the company practices for products listed on Amazon. It checks if the company behind the product is engaged in any harmful business practice and checks its products on animals. If a listed product is tested on animals, it instantly notifies you about that and provides other alternative products that align with your values.

Know If A product on Amazon is Tested on Animals

To know if a product on Amazon is tested on animals, install the¬†Tribe extension to your web browser. It works right after installation, you don’t have to login or create an account.

check if a product is tested on animals

Once the extension is installed, it automatically opens a popup on your screen whenever you are viewing a product that executes harmful business practices. The pop up lists the harmful business practices and recommends other alternatives that don’t engage in harmful business practice.

check the moral values of products on amazon

You can click the listed harmful business practice to get more information. Doing this takes you to the Tribe website where it shows you a breakdown of the listed harmful business practice of the brand. The website shows you the company overview along with its parent or child brands and mentioned the harmful practices they are engaged in. Claiming such things about brands needs proof so Tribe also explains its methodology where it lists all the sources of information.

Wrap Up

Tribe uses the carefully-sourced facts about companies’ policies and practices on the product page on Amazon. The database is quite limited since it needs careful fact-checking to keep the data correct but it’s increasing gradually. Currently, Tribe only shows on animal testing practices with a roadmap for adding¬†information on corporate environmental practices, political giving, and much more.

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