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CentBrowser is a free web browser that is basically an enhanced version of Chromium. It is a smooth and customizable web browser that bundles extra features you can’t find on Chrome or Chromium. Centbrowser not just packs extra features, but manages memory better than its other counterparts. Included features like lazy session loading, single rendered process and fixed interval memory purging.

The most useful feature in this free web browser is the multilogin tab which lets you open multiple incognito tabs in the same window. In Chrome and Chromium browsers, you can only open one incognito window. This feature lets you access multiple login instances of a web service at the same time. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Mouse Gestures enable you to enter commands by moving your mouse in a certain way. These commands are fully customizable. You can use up to 20 commands using this Mouse Gesture feature. This certainly helps you browse web pages fast when you don’t have click tabs to open them.


You can generate a QR code for a web page you are browsing. This makes it very easy to access web pages on your computer directly on your Android phone or iPhone. Saves a lot of time when you don’t have to share the link.

The Boss Key is a hot key feature on CentBrowser that lets you switch to the root web page from where you have opened more links. This is a time saving feature when you have opened tons of links from a root webpage and you have to switch back and forth from the links and the root webpage.

You can customize the browsing tabs heavily. You can change their shape, set them as scrollable, restore closed tabs with a single click, etc. Also, adjacent tabs can be set to open when you close one. A useful feature here is that you can pin an important tab so you accidentally don’t close or move it. A lot more can be done which I will tell you as we proceed along.

The browsing experience can be changed entirely with small and changeable options such as autoscrolling, fullscreen warning, media device access toggles, etc.  You can change the background color of the webpage you’re browsing too.

This free web browser can manage bookmarks efficiently since you can open a bookmark panel on the side instead of opening a bookmark tab. You can also toggle the bookmarks bar to hide when you don’t need it.

Centbrowser lets you save a webpage as an image or a PDF file. I feel this is a very handy feature. Now you don’t have to apply effort and wait really long with third party applications to make a PDF of a webpage. In addition to images and PDF, you can save a webpage as a single file. It is saved as an MHTML file which downloads the resources of the webpage too, instead of linking them when you open that saved webpage.

So let’s take a better view on CentBrowser on how to use it. If you’d like to try some more web browsers, here is a list of them. You can compare and choose the one you like.

How to Open Multiple Accounts of a Website with Multilogin Feature


To open a new multilogin tab, click on the menu button (the three gray lined button on the top right). Next, click on New Multilogin Tab to open a new multilogin tab. The multilogin tabs will be marked by colored dots. Now you can access multiple Gmail accounts on the same window unlike only two Gmail instances on Chrome or Chromium.

How to Use Mouse Gestures

mouse gestures

To enable Mouse Gestures on Centbrowser, click on the menu button and click Settings. Move to Mouse Gesture in the Settings tab where you can see all the Mouse Gesture options. Click on Enable Mouse Gesture checkbox to enable it. To use it, right-click with your mouse and perform a gesture linked with a command you want to use.

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You can change the line color of the trace and the thickness to customize it. There are 20 commands that you can customize through the drop down menu. So if you want to close the current tab and activate the left one, hold your right-click and drag down then left.

How to Generate QR Code of a Webpage

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To generate QR code of a web page, right-click on tab of the web page and click Generate QR code. A QR code will appear which you can scan with your Smartphone. You’ll get lightning fast access of the web page on your phone with only two simple steps.

How to Configure Boss Key


The Boss Key is a Hotkey which you can use to switch to the master tab from where you have opened a lot of links. It is very useful when you are Googling for something and you’ve opened a lot of links. You can switch back to the Google search tab with the Hotkey you have set. To set it, click on Under the hood in the Settings. Check the Enable Boss key checkbox and type in the Hotkey you want to set.

How to Customize Browsing Experience

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Centbrowser provides a lot of toggles for your browsing experience. You can check the Autoscrolling option in Under the hood>Browsing to create a drop down tab selection menu. It’s used when you have a lot of tabs opened with inaccessible small width.

Many times you get a warning when your browser goes fullscreen. The warning often stays there and inhibits the browser view. Now you can disable it by unchecking its checkbox in Browsing section of Under the hood settings. You can also change the color of the web page background by applying the checkbox and choosing the color.

How to Customize Tabs

Go to Settings>Basics where you will find lots of options to change the behavior of web page tabs when you open them and also the appearance. Under the Appearance section, you can change the shape of the tabs and select check boxes whether you want to show buttons of home, avatar, bookmarks, etc. A very useful button here is the Restore closed tabs button which will restore previously closed tabs serially.

The Tab Options offer you a wide range of settings you can apply. Some of these include close tab by double click, hide close button on tab, open new tab, change tab width etc. Apart from that you can load a webpage every time you open a new tab.

There are also drop down options to perform a certain action when you open a new hyperlink, search result, bookmark, URL, etc.

How to Customize Bookmarks

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You can choose to auto-hide the bookmarks bar by right clicking on the bookmarks bar and selecting Auto hide bookmarks bar. You can also choose to show the bookmarks panel on the left side.

Other bookmark settings can be accessed in Settings>Bookmarks. Here you can choose to display the bookmarks in a column and adjust the width of it. You can change the hover settings here and the default visibility of the bookmarks tab.  Chromium doesn’t have this much of extensive settings when it comes to bookmarks.

How to Save a Webpage

This free web browser can save webpage in three different types of files, which are PDF, image and a MHTML file. To save a web page as a PDF, click the Settings button on the top right of the browser. Select More Tools option and click Save as PDF. Click on Save as Image to save the webpage as image.

To save the web page as a single MHTML file with archived resources included, click on Save page as. When the on the saving dialogue box appears, select Save as type>Webpage, Single File.

Final Words

CentBrowser is a really big Chromium based free web browser which is still untapped potentially. You can use it for efficient browsing as well as multitasking on a whole new level with features like multilogin tabs. All I can say is that, this is my default browser from now on.

Get Centbrowser here.

Have you used CentBrowser before? Do tell me what you found interesting in the comments!

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