5 Online Wedding Cost Calculator Websites Free

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This article covers 5 free online wedding cost calculator websites.

The wedding is one of the very special events in a couple’s life. And, a wedding with all the proper arrangements can be really expensive depending on where you live and where you want to have your wedding. So, Estimating the cost of the wedding can be really helpful.

With the help of these websites, you can calculate the approximate cost of a wedding. All you have to do is select what type of wedding you are planning to have, where you want to have the wedding and which services and vendors you want for the wedding. Depending on all these factors, these wedding gives you an approximate cost estimation for the wedding.

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Here Are 5 Free Online wedding Cost Calculator Websites:


online wedding cost estimator

CostofWedding is one of the best free websites to estimate the cost of a wedding. To do that, you have to answer various wedding-related queries here. This is a two-step process. In the first step, it asks you the location where you want to have the wedding, approximate number of guests coming to the wedding and which type of wedding you want to have.

The second step involves queries related to the items you will purchase and the services you will have for the wedding. It gives you a list of Attire & Accessories, Beauty & Spa, Entertainment, Flowers & Decorations, Gifts & Favors, Invitations, Jewelry, Photography & Video, Planner/Consultant, Venue, and Catering & Rentals. Simply select the desired items and services from the list. After that, there is an optional step where you can enter the amount you plan to spend on the honeymoon. If you want that cost to include in the wedding expenses, simply enter the amount otherwise just skip this step.

Based on all your answers, this website gives you a total estimated cost of the wedding. It plots a graph of all the different types of expenses as well.

Give this online wedding cost calculator website a try here.


online wedding cost calculator

DreamWeddingCalculator is another free website where you can calculate the cost of a wedding ceremony. It has five simple steps to estimate the cost of the wedding; Register, Beverages, Main Course, Cake Cutting & Desserts, and Options. Each of these steps estimates the cost of specific categories based on the services you want.

Almost all these steps are self-explanatory except the Options. In that step, this website shows venue provider options (picture booth, dance floor, centerpiece, etc.) and vendor referrals (photographer, videographer, florist, etc.). Simply select the services you will have for the wedding. In the end, this website gives you a total cost estimate for the wedding based on your preferences.

Try this online wedding cost calculator website here.


calculate wedding cost online

Next online wedding cost calculator website on this list is Bidvine. This website doesn’t have detailed options and categories like others, instead, it has queries about the major wedding expenses. It asks you the number of guests you will have at the wedding, what you will serve for the toast, what your wedding rings will be made of, etc.

Apart from that, it has questions about the main services you will have. It asks whether you will have a free bar, how many hours of photography and videography you want, do you want a DJ, dance and stuff like that. In the end, it asks you the wedding location along with the average wedding cost in that region. Then, based on all that information, it estimates the cost of the wedding.

Try this online wedding cost calculator website here.


estimate wedding cost online

Online-Calculator-Use offers a free wedding budget calculator which you can use to get a rough idea of your wedding cost. In this calculator, you can enter the cost of various expenses, along with the number of guests you will have at the wedding and estimate the total wedding cost. If you don’t have any idea how much various wedding services cost, you can load a sample wedding budget and customize it accordingly. You can also add your own items and services you will have for the wedding which are not listed in the budget. This way, you can estimate your total wedding cost with this calculator.

Here is a link to try this online wedding cost calculator website.


destination wedding cost calculator

RajasthanRoyalWeddings is full spectrum destination wedding planner company from India. It provides royal Indian wedding services in the Rajasthan state which is known for its royal lifestyle and culture. If you want a cultural wedding with rituals then this is a good option to consider.

On this website, you can calculate the destination wedding cost by selecting the real various services. You can select the city, venue, and the number of rooms required you require for the wedding. Then, enter the total number of guests, and select the wedding services you will have for the wedding. Some of these services are lunch, dinner, DJ, music night, decoration, ritual, etc. This website itself offers all these services so, the cost estimation is pretty accurate here.

You can try this online wedding cost calculator website here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 5 online wedding cost calculator websites. These websites are very useful to estimate the overall cost of a wedding. After having an idea about the overall cost, you can plan everything accordingly.

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