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Often, we come across a piece of software code that we find difficult to understand. During such occasions, we wonder if there is some free tool to scan this particular code and explain it to us in simple lucid language thereby saving out time and also helping us to learn.

Well, look no further as does exactly this. Just paste the code that you do not understand, and it will output a paragraph that will explain to you what the code is actually doing. is based on Open AI’s ChatGPT that works in the background and weaves the magic for you.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to and simply type or paste the code in question that you are finding difficult to understand.

2. Click on ‘Explain Code’ and in just a few moments, a paragraph will be displayed that interprets the code for you in clear human language that you will be able to understand easily.

Limit function

Python Code

3. You can also type or paste Windows / Unix commands and more and get an explanation for them.

Windows commands

Unix commands

4. Once the explanation of the code / commands is generated, you can share it with others using a web link.

Closing Comments:

I tested Whatdoesthiscodedo with very simple HTML, JavaScript and Python programs and it was able to successfully explain what the code is doing. Overall, this is a nice and handy tool for students who are learning software development as well as novices in the industry. It explains any code for you in simple human language that you can grasp easily and understand the steps. However, if the code is slightly complex it often takes time to generate the output. This may also be due to delayed responses from ChatGPT. Sometimes it also gives errors or asks for more information in case it is unable to decipher the code.

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