Free Redirect as a Service to Create Redirects using any URL

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Redirect-as-a-Service is a great online tool for creating HTTP redirection requests for individuals and businesses absolutely free of cost. You can construct your URL redirection request (along with the time to wait) with this tool and use it anywhere in your website or application as per your requirement.

Redirects can be used in various scenarios as follows:

  1. Relocation of your website to a newly launched domain
  2. Forwarding website traffic temporarily when server maintenance is under progress
  3. Redirecting visitors from out-of-date content to new pages in your website

and more.

The service Redirect-as-a-Service functions by way of specifying parameters to the URL. These parameters, also known as query strings are the portion of the URL after the question mark (?) and comprise of a pair of key (variable) and its value combination separated by the ‘equal to’ sign.

Redirect-as-a-Service ( utilizes the following URL parameters to perform the redirection.

  1. URL: The URL of the website to which you wish to redirect the user.
  2. Mswait: Time to wait in Milliseconds before the user gets redirected. The maximum duration is 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds).

For example:

1. This request will redirect you to our website after a time duration of 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).


2. This will redirect you to Microsoft India website (English) after a time duration of 2500 milliseconds (2.5 seconds)


There are no statistics or logs that you can use to view and keep track of the HTTP redirection requests.

Closing Comments:

Redirect-as-a-Service is a very good and free tool to create HTTP redirection requests along with specified time to wait before the redirection takes place. On testing, I found that it works perfectly but there is no way to keep track of how many visitors are being redirected.

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