Free Open Source ChatGPT Alternative by Hugging Face: HuggingChat

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Hugging Chat is a free open source chatbot from Hugging Face and has the ability to easily understand and respond to natural language queries. It is a fine alternative to Open AI’s ChatGPT and can handle several tasks that ChatGPT can such as drafting emails / essays / blog outlines, composing lyrics, writing stories, writing program codes, providing any information and much more.

Hugging Chat has been developed by Open Assistant which is a project organized by a German nonprofit venture named LAION. Although, Open Assistant ultimately aims to replicate ChatGPT, the group has wider ambitions than that. There is no registration or sign up required at the time of writing this article. Just click on this link to navigate to Hugging Chat, type your text prompt in simple natural language and get a response in just a few seconds.

Short essay


You can also ask Hugging Chat to write program codes for you and it will instantly provide the result just as ChatGPT does.

Program Code

Fortunately, Hugging Chat isn’t devoid of any filters. If you attempt to ask it the steps to make or procure hazardous and illegal things like explosives, meth etc. it will either deny that information or will not provide an answer.


Also, if you try to feed it with offending prompts like racist statements, it will simply not take the bait and will try to correct you.

Racist comments


Closing Comments:

Hugging Chat has now joined a growing family of open-source alternatives to ChatGPT and has the capability of handing most of the tasks like the other models. As is the case with many of the text-generating models, Hugging Chat too can derail quickly based on the type of questions that you ask and hence it has a long way to go. Move ahead and try it out and let us know what you feel.

Click here to navigate to Hugging Chat.

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