Create Dynamic Twitter Banner to Show Recent Followers Automatically

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Dynamic Banner is a Free Online Tool that allows you to automatically display the Profile Pics of your latest Twitter Followers on your Twitter Banner.

It is certainly an interactive and exciting way showcasing your Twitter Followers as well as generating more of them. It is also a great way of expressing your gratitude to them for having followed your Twitter account.

Twitter banner is a full width header (optimum size: 1500 x 500) that serves as a Cover Image of your Twitter Profile. It can be a major factor for Twitter users to consider, when they are deciding whether to follow you or not and thereby plays a crucial role in increasing your Twitter Follower count. Often Twitter Business users ensure that their banner is captivating, true to their brand and helps visitors easily understand what the company is all about.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Dynamic Banner using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Click on ‘Get my Banner’, Sign up using you Twitter Account and grant the necessary permissions

3. Drag and Drop Upload your current Twitter Banner from your local disk into the area provided. The optimum size of a Twitter Banner is 1500 x 500 pixels.

Upload Banner Image

4. Choose if you want to include ‘Text and Point arrow’ on your Banner after it is modified by the application and Select the ‘Main Color’.

5. Click on ‘Validate’ and in a couple of minutes your latest Twitter Followers will be displayed on the Banner. See the screenshot of my Twitter Banner below.


Dynamic Banner
Dynamic Banner with Profile Pics of Twitter Followers

6. Subsequently, whenever a Twitter user follows you, the Banner will automatically be updated in less than 2 minutes to display the latest Followers.

Final Comments:

After testing Dynamic Banner, I found that it works and the Profile Pics of the latest followers are automatically displayed on the Twitter Banner although the way that they are presented and depicted leaves some good room for improvement.

Click here to navigate to Dynamic Banner and try it out for yourself. You must remember that the Twitter Banner is evidently a very important space that you can use to convince people to follow you.

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