5 Online Math Quizzes For Adults Websites Free

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In this article, I will cover 5 free math quizzes for adults websites.

These websites offer online math quizzes covering a majority of math topics. Some of these websites have topic-wise quizzes whereas others include all the topics in their quizzes.

Depending on the website, each quiz has a fixed number of multiple choice questions. Once you answered a question, you can not go back and change your answer. Some quizzes show you the correct answer instantly after you select your choice whereas in others you have to wait until the end. At last, in each quiz, you get a score based on your answers.

Let’s start the list and discuss these websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Online Math Quizzes For Adults Websites:


math quizzes for adults

Mathopolis.com is a free website that features challenging math games and quizzes. It features math quizzes from grade 2 to University level. Each level has individual topic-wise quizzes along with a general all-in-one quiz. Every quiz has 6 multiple choice questions. As soon as you mark your choice, it shows you the correct answer along with a complete solution. After your answer all 6 questions, you get a percentage score.

Give these math quizzes for adults a try here.


online math quizzes for adults

Math-Quiz is a free website specially designed for math quizzes. On the homepage, you get a list of topics to select from. Beside the name of each topic, there is a number that represents the total number of tests available for that topic. When you select a topic, you get a series of tests. The average score people got in these tests is also shown beside their names and you can choose the difficulty level of the quiz as well. Each quiz features 10 multiple choice question without any time limit. When you submit your test, it shows you which questions you got right and which you didn’t. Based on that, you get a percentage score on your quiz.

Check out these math quizzes for adults here.


math quizzes for adults

Math-Only-Math.com is a free website launched by an Indian mathematician to help people learn math. Here you can find 18 math quizzes each featuring 10 multiple choice questions. These quizzes are just for practice, they do not have any grading or score. At the end of each question, you can check whether your answer is correct or not. And, once you finish a quiz, you can simply move to next.

Here is the link to try these math quizzes for adults.


free online math quizzes for adults

TriviaPlaza.com is an online quiz website that features more than 3000 quizzes on various educational topics and subjects. The math section has 13 different quizzes for various math topics including one mixed quiz covering all topics. Each quiz has 10 questions where you have to choose the right answer from four given choices. For each correct answer, you get one point and if your answer is wrong you get zero points. At the end of the quiz, these points represent your performance in the quiz as your score.

Try these math quizzes for adults here.


math quizzes for adults

SoftSchools provides free worksheets, quizzes, games, and other educational content on various subjects. It has over 100 math quizzes. There are quizzes for individual topics and grades. Each of these quizzes asks you 10 multiple choice questions. You can finish the whole quiz or end it at any question. At the end of the quiz, you get a result page where your answers are compared against the correct answers. Then, your quiz is graded out of 10 based on your responses.

You can try these math quizzes for adults here.

Wrap Up

These online math quiz for adults websites are good and feature excellent quizzes. At the end of the quiz, you get a score based on your performance. You can also see what questions you got wrong in order to improve yourself.

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