3 Online 3DS File Viewer Websites Free

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This article covers 3 free online 3DS file viewer websites.

3DS is a 3D file format which contains material attributes, mesh data, bitmap references, viewport configurations, smoothing group data, camera locations, and lighting information. This format is used by AutoDesk 3d Max which is a 3D modeling software.

Here are 3 free websites where you can view the 3DS file online. These websites have online 3D viewer where you can upload your 3DS file and visualize its content. These viewers show you the detailed information about your file and let you view the 3D object from various perspective. This way, you can have a detailed view of the content of 3DS file and analyze it from various angles.

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Here Are 3 Free Online 3DS File Viewer Websites:


online 3ds file viewer

As the name suggests, 3DViewer.net is a free online 3D viewer where you open 3DS, OBJ, and STL files. It is a simple 3DS viewer which you can use to quickly visualize the content of a 3DS file. When you open a 3DS file here, this viewer shows you the 3D object in PAN mode and you can interact with it. You can rotate the object to view it from various angles or use the Set Up Vector options to view its sides.

Apart from the visualization, this viewer also lists the properties of the file. In the properties, material count, vertex count, and triangle count. It also shows you the material information such as Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Shininess, and Opacity.

You can try this online 3D viewer here.


online 3ds file viewer

Next online tool to view 3DS file is AutoDesk Viewer. It is a feature-packed 3D viewer where you can load your 3DS and deep analyze its visualization. This tool provides you with three view modes; Orbit, Pan, and 1st Person. With these modes, you can view each and every side of the 3D object from different perspectives. Apart from the sides, you can view the X, Y, and Z planes of the object and manipulate them accordingly.

AutoDesk Viewer is also a measurement tool which you can use to measure the distance, angle, and calibrate the object. It also has a markup tool to mark and label the objects. With all these features, AutoDesk Viewer is one of the best tools to visualize and manipulate 3DS files online.

Try this online 3DS file viewer here.


free online 3ds file viewer

ThreeJS.org is an online library of Canvas 2D, SVG, CSS3D and WebGL renderers. It has an online editor which you can use to view and edit these renders. This editor supports various types of 3D files including 3DS. You can import a file from your computer and visualize its content in this editor. Using the mouse cursor, you can rotate the 3D object in PAN view to see it from various angles. On the right side info-section, it shows the details of the 3D object including its X, Y, Z-coordinates, rotation, number of vertices, faces, bounds, and more.

Apart from visualizing your 3DS file, you can also manipulate the visualization here. This editor lets you add various isometric shapes to your 3DS file. It has various Light options which you also add to your design. After editing your file, you can export it as DAE, GLB, GLTF, OBJ, or STL file.

Give this online 3DS file viewer a try here.

Closing Words:

These are three free online 3DS file viewer websites. With these websites, you can quickly open 3DS file online and visualize their content. 3DViewer is good for quickly visualizing 3DS file where the other two provide you more information with deep analysis. Depending on your needs, you can go with any of them.

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