4 Free Online Mesh Gradient Generators in SVG

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A Mesh Gradient (also called Gradient Mesh) is an object filled with a range of colors that transition progressively and smoothly and are arranged into a grid with the nodes (curved shapes) at random locations. The interior of the mesh object is filled with a color transition using the colors of the nodes.

Of late, Mesh gradients are gaining a lot of popularity and are being increasingly used for web design projects, landing pages, product branding, graphic designing and more. Once created they can be downloaded in any format like JPG, PNG, SVG etc. and can be used to transform the background of any website or perhaps add an astonishing visual effect to any design that you can think of.

Mesh gradients are often tricky to create but there are several online tools available that can help you to easily generate them. In this article we will be taking a look at 4 free online SVG Mesh Gradient generators that you can use to create stunning results.

1. UUUnion Mesh Gradient generator

This wonderful Mesh Gradient generator allows you to easily create gradients with a wavy and undulating quality to them. All that you need to do is tweak the settings and colors till you get a gradient that looks perfect for your design.

Simply click on the link below, choose the Aspect ratio of the object (1:1, 4:5 or 16:9), select the fill colors by clicking on the available choices or click on the fill 1 / 2 color icons and customize it yourself. Next, use the sliders towards the right and adjust the values for Blur, Gradient angle, Waviness, Opacity and Shadow distance and see the observe the results on the screen in real time.

Once you are satisfied with the results, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right to save the Mesh Gradient in SVG image format. Alternatively, you can also click on ‘copy SVG’ to copy the XML-based SVG markup and use it in your HTML document.

Click here to navigate to UUUnion Mesh Gradient generator.

UUUnion Mesh Gradient generator

2. MagicPattern Mesh Gradient generator

MagicPattern is a widely used tool to create beautiful graphics for landing pages, social media posts, product branding and more. It also boasts of an Mesh Gradient generator to create unique and customizable SVG gradients in just a few clicks.

Just click on the link below and choose the Palette from the dropdown list. You can click on the ‘Randomize colors’ button to randomize the gradient colors or alternatively, click on any color under ‘Custom Palette’ to customize the colors as per your taste. Next, use the sliders to adjust any of the applied Filters such as Grain, Blur, Contrast, Brightness and Hue while you observe the Mesh Gradient in real time on the screen. To manually adjust the color positions, enable the ‘Adjust color position’ toggle switch, and click and drag any of the circular marks as you desire to change the positions of the colors.

When you are satisfied with the results, click on the ‘Export’ button, choose the SVG format, select the Quality and Dimensions as required and click on ‘Download.

Click here to visit MagicPattern Mesh Gradient generator.

Magic Pattern Mesh Gradient generator

3. Color Morph

Let’s move on to the next Mesh Gradient Generator namely, Color Morph. This is a very simple and easy to use tool with no provision for any Filters.

Simply click on the link that we have provided below, choose the Background color and the number of Mesh Layers using the dropdown and press ‘Spacebar’ or  click on the ‘New Gradient’ icon. This will display the Mesh Gradient on the screen based on the choices that you have specified. You can continue pressing the ‘Spacebar’ for more randomized Gradients till you get one that you desire and then click on the ‘Download’ icon to save the Gradient in SVG format.

To visit Color Morph Mesh Gradient generator, click here.

Color Morph Mesh Gradient generator

4. Mesh Gradient generator for Figma

Figma is a very powerful and popular graphic design tool that you can use to Icons, Logos, Interface designs for Websites, Applications and much more. Mesh Gradient generator for Figma is a free plugin offered by them that can be used to create a Mesh Gradient object with an undulating and wavy design.

Make sure that you have signed in to your Figma account and then click on the link below to install plugin. When asked if you want to use the plugin, just click on ‘Run’. Now, choose the number of Mesh Points in the gradient and click on the colors to customize them. Next, freely drag the mesh points as you desire to create a stunning gradient as per your needs and when you are satisfied with the results, click on ‘Generate’. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Randomize’ and allow the plugin to generate random Mesh Gradients one by one.

Now, close the Mesh Gradient plugin window, right click on the image, choose ‘Copy / Paste as’ and click on ‘Copy as SVG’. Open your Notepad or any other plain text editor, paste the SVG markup code from the clipboard by pressing ‘Ctrl + V’ and save the file with an SVG extension. That’s it, you have saved the Mesh Gradient as an SVG file.

Click here to access the Mesh Gradient plugin for Figma.

Mesh Gradient generator for Figma

Mesh Gradient generator for Figma

Closing Words:

You can use any of the above online SVG Mesh Gradient Generators as all of them produce stunning results and are very simple and easy to use. My personal choice will be UUUnion for its simplicity and the powerful filters that it offers.

If you are looking for Free Online Text Gradient generator tools for designers, click here. Also, you are looking for CSS Gradient generators, click here to explore 10 websites for this purpose.

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