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The Art Of Living is a free Windows 8 app that teaches you how to live life in a better way. This free app is actually based on the spiritual humanitarian educational foundation with the same name, that is The Art Of Living Foundation, founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It provides various means which raises your mind, body, and breath to another level of spiritualism.

The app works on three levels of body: emotional, physical, and mental. You can find medications, yoga, and Ayurveda tutorials and tips in the app. If you are feeling stressed then you can also listen to the soul calming melody. The app also provides the precious pearls of wisdom, which you can implement in your life, and make it better.

The app is available under the Lifestyle Category in Windows Store.

The Art Of Living- main screen

Learning the Art of Living using the app:

The app is very simple and navigation between screens is very easy. The main screen of app contains all the different categories that can help in healing your mind, body, and soul. The categories are: Ayurveda, Wisdom, Yoga, Meditation, and Music. You can browse from these categories and find the remedies, or you can rate yourself along the three buttons which are freshness, happiness, and mind clarity (as shown in the screenshot above) and find remedies that suits you. It’s that easy.

The content inside each category is really good. There are hard to find age old medication tips and methods inside the Ayurveda category that can be used to cure diseases from root. Likewise, the Yoga category is also good, and it contains pose sketches, purpose of a particular pose, it’s benefits, contradiction, textual instructions of how to get the pose, and some good tutorial videos. Following is screenshot of the app showing the video tutorial of Bhramari Pranayam yoga.

The Art Of Living- yoga tutorial

The Wisdom category contains really good set of quotes from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself. These quotes are really helpful in improving your life. Or if you are feeling stressed, and are in need of relaxation then you can listen to the various soulful melodies or do meditation. The app beautifully helps in getting relief from mind stress.

Key Features of The Art of Living App:

  • Free app for Windows 8.
  • Helps in healing emotional, physical, and mental stress.
  • Soothing melodies.
  • Different Yoga poses along with purpose, benefits, and contradictions.
  • Videos for some Yoga poses.
  • Good textual step by step instructions.
  • Ayurveda tips and methods of medication.
  • Good wisdom quotes.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Final Verdict:

The Art Of Living is really a great app for stress-elimination and self-development. It is based mainly on breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga. Now a days everyone is in a race with time, trying to overpass it. We are constantly jumping from one task to another and this brings lot of stress and sometimes negative thoughts to our mind. The app tries to create the best environment by helping you in managing stress and keeping you away from negative thoughts.

Get this free app here.

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