How To Use Windows 8: A Quick Guide to Windows 8

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Here is a quick guide about how to Use Windows 8. This Windows 8 guide will help you get a quick grasp on Windows 8. This is especially helpful for those who are just starting with Windows 8, and are confused by the plethora of changes that have made it less intuitive than previous versions of Windows. As I mentioned, this will be a quick guide about How to Use Windows 8, and not a detailed guide-book. So, I will keep instructions brief. In case, you want to see more details, you can click-through the links that I have included below, and go to detailed articles on each of the topics.

So, finally Microsoft has released the exclusive Windows 8, finally you downloaded the highly buildup Microsoft’s Windows 8 and now finally want to install, access its features, want to play around with its unique HD Interface. But, are constantly driving into queries and doubts. Well..let me tell you, you are not alone. Installing Windows 8 and then getting started over its features takes a bit learning. And to overcome such Windows 8 doubts, I have tried to jot down the basics about Windows 8.

Starting from how to install Windows 8, to start, to sign-up Windows 8, to access Apps, to settings, to reset, to shut down, just every basic detail. Without taking your next precious second, let’s get started over the tutorials on using Windows 8.

The post on How To Use Windows 8 has been categorized into different sections. Here is the quick summary:

How To Install Windows 8:


Believe me or not, it’s a very simple task to perform. You do not require to access BIOS or any command for it. With just a normal Internet connection, you can carry out the entire operation of installing Windows 8 on your existing Windows 7 machine. Read the entire procedure here.

However, if you want to fresh install Windows 8 to your newly purchased system, then read our complete tutorial on How to install Windows 8 without a Bootable device including DVD, CD, or USB.

How To Sign-up to Windows 8:

The first and the foremost thing to do after installing Windows 8 is to sign-up to Windows 8. Yup…you read it right. In order to get started with Windows 8, you have to sign-up with your Hotmail account and in case you do not have one, just create a new Microsoft account. Well..its just a matter of few seconds to sign-up to Windows 8. Once created, just logon and start using Windows 8.

How To Get Start Menu Button in Windows 8:

Start Menu Button

The very big change that Microsoft has shown in Windows 8 is with the Start Menu button. The exclusive Windows 8 didn’t come with “Start” menu, without which its very difficult to perform operations. Like me, if you are also craving for that classic Start Menu button, then go ahead and download a software called Start8. This adds a nice Start menu to Windows 8. You can read more details about it in our post on How to get Start Menu Button in Windows 8.

How To Slide The Windows 8 Charm’s Bar Screen:

Microsoft has come up with a bundle of pre-installed apps in Windows 8, and a few more in its Windows 8 app store to install from. The apps in Windows 8 Charms Bar are large in number, hence it is not possible for the apps to fit on a single screen. Therefore, the apps are divided into various screens. And to view the installed apps in the next screen, you need to scroll the screen towards the right using the mouse wheel or navigation slider given at the bottom of Charms Bar screen.

How To Install Apps In Windows 8:


Windows 8 comes up with bundle of useful, entertaining apps in its Windows 8 App Store along with providing some as pre-installed. The apps have been categorized into various columns such as Entertainment, Games, Social, etc. The best way to get software or apps for Windows 8 is to just ehad over to Windows 8 app store, search for the app that you want, and install the app. Read our post on how to install apps in Windows 8. Of course, it is also possible to install software in Windows 8 by downloading and running exe files, as in previous versions of Windows. App store just makes the whole process easier and lets you easily find apps that are especially customized for Windows 8.

How To Search An App In Windows 8 Store:

Its very time consuming to browse the entire store to find a specific app. Hence, I have solution that can not only save you time but also lets you look for a particular type of apps. Just press ‘Win+Q’ key combination and open the Search Charm bar. Type the name of the app that you want to search for and hit ‘Enter’. You can read our entire post on how to search an app in Windows 8 store.

How To Re-arrange and Group Apps in Windows 8:


All the installed apps on Windows 8 Screen are placed in tiles-based interface, where Windows 8 Store is placed at the beginning. Other apps, like: Messaging App, Mail, Video App, etc. have been placed after the Store app. But, in case you are not comfortable with the positioning of the apps, you can rearrange apps and shift the all the favorite ones at the very starting so that you do not have to scroll all the way towards the end just to open a specific app. Also, you can group apps and make categories such as all the games in “Games” group, and so on. To re-arrange apps, just click on lens icon at bottom right corner of Windows 8 screen and then move around the apps as you want. Read the full post on How to re-arrange and group apps in Windows 8.

How To Personalize Windows 8:


Well, this is one of the most interesting part in Windows 8. The OS comes up with variety of amazing graphics that help you to customize Windows 8 looks according to your preferences. The graphical changes in Windows 8 have been designed to improve our experience with Window 8. The unique UI of Windows 8 has changed the way an Operating System presents programs to us. Read the full post on How to Personalize Windows 8. Go ahead and customize the way Windows 8 looks to make it more personal.

How To Close App In Windows 8:


This is where I struggled a lot while using Windows 8. After a quick R&D, I finally found how to close an app in Windows 8. Initially, it would be exciting to open an app, play around with it, however closing an app in Windows 8 was difficult for me. It’s just about learning. Once you have learnt, it’s the simplest task. I found three different methods for closing a Windows 8 app. The simplest one is take the cursor at the top left-corner of the screen → right click on the app that you want to close → click on ‘Close’ button. However, you can read other methods also, on our post on how to close app in Windows 8.

How To Sign-Out From Windows 8 Account:


The only thing which I did not like about Windows 8 is that you need to Sign-in to the Microsoft account every time you start-up with Windows 8, provided that you logged out successfully the last time you shut the windows down.

Well.. signing out was again little struggling. Many got puzzled on signing-out from Windows 8 because every time they login, it automatically sign-in to Windows 8 Account. But after a quick R&D, I found three different methods to sign-out from Windows 8 Account. The simplest is again the classic ALT + F4 one, but you can read other methods on our full post on How to Sign-Out from Windows 8.

How To Shut Down Windows 8:


So far, your have never needed any tutorial or any special guideline for shutting down Windows. As, it has always been a simple task to shut down. You just needed to click on “Start Button” and then, click the “Shut-down” option, its so simple. However, with everything changed in the very new Microsoft’s Windows 8, the ShutDown procedure has also been changed, since Windows 8 does not has a “Start” button of its own, that makes every one of us learn how to shut-down Windows 8. Its little tricky for a new Windows 8 user. The new way to shutting down is very lengthy yet interesting. You need to go to ‘Settings’ column to get the ‘Shut Down’ button. But, you can read other methods on our full post on How To ShutDown Windows 8.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts:


Well, let me tell you…I just love working using keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts lets you access an Operating System in a faster and an easier way. Since Windows has got an all new style, new outlook, new interface, just everything new, hence Microsoft has updated it with a few new Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. My interest towards learning hotkey made me to perform R&D. I have finally got a complete list of Windows 8 hotkey that includes almost all the possible Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts including shortcuts for opening Charms Bar, Search charm, shortcut to Settings, shortcut to lock the PC, and many more.

Some Popular Windows 8 Apps:

Finally, we got a much awaited separate Windows 8 app store. Most of the people installed Windows 8 only to play around with such amazing apps. Microsoft has given bundles of pre-installed apps and a few more in its app store to download from. Some of the most popular ones are Mail app, Message App, Finance App, NEWS Feed App, People App, Music App, and many more. You can read in details about some of the apps here.

So, this was a small collection of articles that can collectively help you understand how to use Windows 8. Just go ahead and read them all, and become a mini-expert in Windows 8.

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