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GPT Everywhere is a free and extremely handy Google Chrome Extension that you can use to trigger ChatGPT with just one click in any textbox on the web. Often, to use ChatGPT, users sign in to the Open AI servers (, start the conversation and wait for a response. But when it comes to fairly simple use cases like generating an email subject, translation of a few sentences or grammar correction and more, GPT Everywhere can be preferable as it makes ChatGPT directly accessible inside a textbox on a webpage and this means the processing and waiting time is very less.

You must specify your Open AI API token for the GPT Everywhere extension to work. This also ensures that the speed of response is swift. Let us examine how this extension works in a few brief steps.


1. Install the GPT Everywhere Extension using the link that we have submitted at the end of this article.

2. Launch the extension by clicking on the ‘Extensions’ icon ahead of the address bar in Chrome and choose ‘GPT Everywhere’. Paste your Open AI API key, choose the Language Model and click on ‘Save’. You are now ready to use ChatGPT inside a textbox on a webpage.

Launch GPT Everywhere

3. As an example, click on ‘Compose’ in GMail, type or paste the text prompt in the body of the email, select (highlight) the text prompt and you will observe a small ChatGPT logo appear beside the text.

Open AI logo in GMail
GPT Everywhere in GMail
Open AI logo in Sheets
GPT Everywhere in Sheets

4. Just click on the logo to start processing the text prompt and wait for some time while ChatGPT generates the response at the same place on the screen.

GMail response
GPT Everywhere response in GMail
Sheets response
GPT Everywhere response in Sheets

5. You can use the same method to trigger a ChatGPT response in Google Sheets, Microsoft Outlook and more.

Open AI logo in Outlook

Closing Comments:

GPT everywhere is unable to trigger a ChatGPT response in a textbox on all web pages. I came across quite a few places where I couldn’t see the Open AI logo despite highlighting the text in a textbox which means that the response cannot be triggered. In my testing, I found it to work successfully in GMail, Google Sheets, Outlook and a few other websites.

Overall, this is a great way to elicit a ChatGPT response easily and quickly rather than navigating to which takes a longer time. The developers would do better to ensure that the ChatGPT response can be initiated in a textbox on any webpage and this will make the GPT Everywhere extension really useful on a wider scale.

Click here to install GPT Everywhere Extension.

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