Spot Fake Reviews on Walmart, Ebay, Shopify with this Free Fake Review Detector

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Fakespot is a free AI-powered browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, designed to be your ally when shopping online. It empowers you to identify fake reviews and potential scams. Fakespot’s sophisticated AI algorithms diligently operate in the background, providing you with alerts as you browse and shop.

All you need to do is download and install the extension compatible with your web browser. Fakespot will then promptly offer you a quick assessment of review authenticity and reliability, thanks to its proprietary artificial intelligence analysis. Moreover, it conveniently displays seller ratings and grades while you browse popular eCommerce websites. With the Search Result Sorter and Filter, you can easily organize, and filter products based on their grades.

The following eCommerce platforms are supported by Fakespot:

  1. Walmart
  2. EBay
  3. Shopify
  4. Amazon
  5. Sephora
  6. Best Buy


1. Click on this link to navigate to the Fakespot website and then click on the respective button to download and install Fakespot based on your browser.

2. Navigate to the product page of any of the eCommerce platforms that we have discussed above and click on the respective button to fetch the Fakespot analysis based on the platform that you are browsing.

3. If you are on the product page of Walmart, click on the button ‘Analyze this product in the right-side panel. Wait for some time while Fakespot analyses the reviews and displays the outcome on the screen along with a Fakespot Review Grade at the top right of the page based on the results.

Walmart analyze product

Walmart Analysis page

4. If you are navigating an Amazon product page, you will directly notice the Fakespot Review Grade at the top right of the page. Next, click on the button ‘Analyze Reviews’ and wait for a few seconds while Fakespot processes all the reviews and displays the results on the screen similar to the previous example.

Amazon analyze reviews

Amazon analysis page

5. If you are on an EBay product page, you will be able to visualize if the Seller is approved by Fakespot or there is a warning pertaining to the seller. A seller warning indicates the presence of scams, fake reviews, questionable product authenticity and more.

Ebay seller warning

Ebay seller approved

6. Similarly, you can visit the product pages of the other eCommerce platforms and find out information regarding the seller grades, product reviews, highlights, presence of fake reviews, scams etc.

Closing Comments:

Fakespot is a fine browser extension that analyses the product reviews on popular eCommerce platforms and tells you if they can be trusted or not. It thus protects and guards you from bad sellers, scams and more and so that you do not get ripped off when shopping online. The Fakespot adjusted product rating, Seller rating, Highlights and more help buyers from purchasing the right product from the right vendors.

Go ahead and try out the extension and write to us about what you feel. Click here to download and install Fakespot for your browser.

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