How To Watch Netflix Remotely With Friends

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Netflix and chill” is one of the most famous slang on the internet. It has multiple meanings; the most common one is inviting others to watch Netflix together. But, what if your friends are away and all you guys cannot meet at one place? Well, thanks to the Netflix Party, you can still watch Netflix together.

Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you create a party to watch Netflix remotely with friends. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat where you can have a conversation with others while watching. This method only works if all your friends are using the Netflix on Google Chrome and have this extension installed.

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How To Watch Netflix Remotely With Friends?

To watch Netflix remotely with friends, first, install the Netflix Party extension from the Chrome Web Store. After installing the extension, go to the Netflix website and start the content (movie/TV show) that you want to watch together. Then, click on the NP icon from the Chrome address bar and click the “Start the party” button. You can pause the video while starting a party. While starting a party, you can keep the party controls to yourself or let everyone control the party.

watch Netflix remotely with friends

When you start a party, this extension generates a URL. Share that URL with your friends to invite them to the party. Your friends have to visit this link and then click the NP icon in order to join the party. Note that, in order to join the party, your friends also must have a Netflix subscription.

watch Netflix together remotely

This extension also enables chat where you can have a conversation with your friends. The chat screen takes one-third of the video screen. But, you can show/hide the chat from the NP options after joining the party. Whenever there is a new message in the chat, it notifies you by showing new message counts on the tab title. Though, this notification is only useful when you are watching Netflix in a windowed screen.

Netflix party with chat

Download this extension for Google Chrome here.

Closing Words:

Netflix Party lets you watch Netflix along with others when you are not actually together. It synchronizes the video for a smooth watching-together experience and has chat support where you can have a conversation with others. This is a nice tool for long distance couples and friends living apart.

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