Free Bot to Solve Math Expressions in Chrome

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Mathematics is an interesting subject but not all people agree with that. It is arguably the hardest subject among the high school students especially the calculus part. The calculus operations are confusing and hard to solve and sometimes take long calculations to get to the solution. For such operations, a calculator can be very helpful.

This article covers a math bot extension for Google Chrome that can help you solve math expression right in your web browser. With this tool in your browser, you don’t have to reach for a physical calculator or open calculator application on your computer. You can simply tap the extension and input your expression to get the solution.

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Free Bot to Solve Math Expressions in Chrome:

Ramanujan Bot is a math expression solver tool. With this tool, you can quickly solve math problems ranging from evaluation and factorial to differential and integral. It sits on the address bar of your Google Chrome browser from where you can click it to open in a new tab. This tool can help you with the following operations:

  • Simplify
  • Factor
  • Derive
  • Integrate
  • Evaluate

When you select a math operation, two boards pop up on either side of the interface. The board on the right side shows the usage examples for the selected operation. Whereas the board on the right shows different things for the different operations. For Simplify, Factor, Derive, and Integrate, it shows relevant videos from Khan Academy. And for Evaluate operation, it shows a list of symbols and functions that operation supports.

To solve an expression, simply select an operation that you want to perform. Then, enter the expression in the input box and click the “Submit” button. Within a few seconds, this tool solves your expression and gives you the output.

Add this extension to Google Chrome from here.

Closing Words:

This math bot is a handy tool to quickly solve math expressions right in the web browser. It can be useful for students and help them with their math homework. It can also help professionals to quickly get solutions for math expressions for their work.

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