Free Carbon Footprint Calculator to Track Your Annual Carbon Footprint

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This article covers a free online carbon footprint calculator that you can use to track your annual carbon footprint. Climate change is happening and it’s affecting the livelihood on the planet. The best option to fight climate change is to reduce the carbon footprint globally as well as on an individual level. But before start working on reducing your carbon footprint, you should know your carbon footprint.

Globo is a free online carbon footprint calculator that helps you track, reduce, and offset your carbon footprint. On this website, you can keep track of your annual carbon footprint based on energy consumption, transport, flights, food, and purchases. Then, you can set a target to reduce your carbon footprint and take day-to-day actions to meet your goal. Apart from that, you can also purchase offsets to go carbon neutral. This way, you can keep an annual record of your carbon footprint and try to be carbon neutral.

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Track Your Annual Carbon Footprint with Globo

You can use the carbon footprint calculator without an account but to keep a track of your footprint with reduction and offset, you’re are going to need an account. It’s easy, simply sign up using an email address and enter the code to confirm your account. Once done, you can start tracking your carbon footprint.

free online carbon footprint calculator

When you log in to your account, you get a dashboard where it shows your net carbon footprint along with a record of your previous annual carbon footprint and offsets. It also maps the data on a graph to visually represent your carbon footprint and reduction.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

In the ‘Track’ section, you can calculate your annual carbon footprint. You can set the units as per your locale unit system and then enter your annual records of household energy consumption (with optional Renewable energy %), natural gas consumption, use of personal and public transport, flights, food (with food wastage), and other household purchases such as rent/mortgage payments, clothing, vehicle repair and maintenance, healthcare, smoking, alcoholic beverages, etc. Based on your data, it calculates your net annual carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

After calculating your carbon footprint, this website suggests plans to reduce your carbon footprint. It shows you 3 plan to reduce and offset your carbon footprint. These plans are:

  • Carbon Cutter: This plan help you to reduce your carbon footprint. For that, it helps you set a reduction target and suggest ideas to reduce your carbon footprint in day-to-day life.
  • Carbon Neutral: This plan is to purchase offsets to neutralize your annual carbon footprint. You can purchase offsets by financially supporting a project that reduces the amount of greenhouses gasses in the atmosphere.
  • Climate Positive: This plan is also to purchase offsets to more than your annual carbon footprint for a net positive impact.

Wrap Up

Globo is a helpful website that not only helps you to calculate your carbon footprint but also offer guidance to reduce and offset your carbon footprint to be carbon neutral. To fight climate change we have to take actions on personal levels. It’s really difficult for a government to forge carbon laws on individuals compared to industries. So, we have to understand our responsibility in this and this website can help us with that.

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