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Jumpshare is a free online file sharing service and a marvel of the latest technology viz, cloud computing. Before you understand Jumpshare, it is important to have fair knowledge of cloud technology. This technology involves a server where data can be shared and retrieved without the requirement to know its physical address. Similarly, Jumpshare is an online platform, similar to other social media and a free cloud based file sharing service where data can be shared from source and retrieved by the recipient.

Since Jumpshare is an online medium, it does not have to be downloaded, installed and stored. Anyone can view it like any other website. If you are interested to check out some more file sharing services, you can try, Upload Robots and Mirrorcreator.

Features of Jumpshare

Jumpshare allows real-time view of the uploaded files. You can share the link through any medium to give access to the concerned individual using this free online file sharing service. This also helps easy access of data without any authenticity or verification. Another advantage with Jumpshare is its file-view capability. You can view as many as 150 different file formats of large as well as small sizes. Audios, books, codes, documents, fonts, mark-ups, presentations, RAW files, spreadsheets, vector images, videos, etc. are all supported at Jumpshare. No requirement of registration is an added easiness that this free cloud based file sharing service has. Uploading, sharing, viewing, etc. are just matters of a click. Every feature of Jumpshare is designed with quickness and easiness as the objective.

Using this online file sharing service

Jumpshare acts exactly like a platform, like a bulletin board. Use of this free online file sharing service would be a déjà vu experience for the users of social media. The difference between social websites and Jumpshare is the elimination of the registration and sign-in process which enables you to carry out a simple procedure to share and upload large files.

Whenever you want to share any file, you have to visit Jumpshare and select the required file through its ‘select files to share’ option. Once the file is uploaded on Jumpshare, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The recipient with whom you have shared the link can view it whenever he/she wants to. More importantly, the recipient does not have to sign-in to any of his accounts, keeping in mind security of his/her privacy too.

A doubt about the relevance of Jumpshare may occur in anyone’s mind as one has to share links through other media. The fact that you cannot send large files as an attachment in an email is what makes this free online file sharing service a very handy application. To note down some of the features which makes it stand apart from any other similar application is the ease to use, the simplicity of the functions and the sharing options.

It can be said without hesitation that Jumpshare is a friendly medium of data sharing between various users. Jumpshare is most efficient for quick access of shared data especially at unknown places where you may not want to jeopardize your internet identity by signing-in to any website or email service. However, care has to be taken with classified data or file.

Jumpshare may not be a preferred means of sharing formal or private data. However, for open share and friendly accesses, that are intended for someone but not directed strictly to that person, Jumpshare is very helpful. The site provides you with the flexibility to delete the files once your purpose of sharing has been solved. This means that you need not worry of the unwanted access to your shared files with people whom you do not want to share.

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