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AI-Chat Interior Designer is a unique chatbot that enables you to transform your design experience and discover limitless possibilities and versions of your room with updated layouts, furniture and more. All that you need to do is chat with AI-Chat Designer, describe your inclinations in simple natural language and sit back and watch as it creates awesome new renderings in real time.

The AI quickly adapts to your inputs like layout changes, color and style adjustments, furniture selection and swapping, re-positioning of elements etc. and easily helps you to visualize your spaces till you come across the ideal one. All iterations and modifications are effortlessly possible without costing you any time and money by just chatting with AI-Chat Interior Designer. Additionally, you can also upload the picture of your own rooms or spaces and ask the chat tool to generate designs based on it.

The tool boasts of a vast database of furniture and décor options from minimalist to eclectic, traditional to modern with different elements of the design helping to complement and generate that unique space that you can dream of.

The chat interface is extremely user-friendly and enables you to have simple and natural conversations. You can ask any questions, request highly specific design elements and provide feedback and more through a simple chat format. Let us examine how AI-Chat Interior Designer works.


1. Click on this link to navigate to AI-Chat Interior Designer and sign up for a free account using your email address.

2. Input your prompt in natural language describing the space that you wish to generate, and press Enter. For example, you could type “Can you please generate a minimalistic style interior design rendering for my living room”.

3. Wait for some time while AI-Chat Interior Designer analyses the input and renders the visual on the screen.

Create design

4. You can click on the image to view it in larger size. Use the toolbar below the image to zoom in / out, rotate, flip the image vertically or horizontally and more. To download the design to your computer, right click the image and choose ‘Save image as’.

Design - Large Size

5. Once the design is generated, you can request further iterations or modifications using text prompts. For example, you could say “Can you move the sofa to the other corner of the room?” or “Can you modify the color of the curtains / walls to blue?


6. Again, you need to wait for some time while AI-Chat Interior Designer carries out the iterations and presents the modified spaces on the screen.


7. The chatbot also allows you to upload a picture of your room and generate designs based on it. Click on the picture icon to the text box and upload the image in PNG or JPG format. Next, enter your text prompt and wait for the results. For example, you could ask the chatbot to design your living room based on the picture that you just uploaded. Alternatively, you can ask to alter or iterate a certain element in the design.

Design based on image

There are instances where AI-Chat Interior Designer gives unpredictable or strange results. At times it does not carry out the iterations as suggested in the text prompt.

Closing Comments:

AI-Chat Interior Designer is a good tool to automatically generate unlimited iterations of your interior designs and spaces with updated layouts, furniture, and other elements. You can even upload your own images and use the chatbot to redesign the spaces or further iterate them.

AI-Chat Interior Designer looks to be well poised to be a game changer in the way it revolutionizes interior designing using nothing except simple language text prompts. Go ahead and use the platform to create your dream spaces with ease and efficiency.

Click here to navigate to AI-Chat Interior Designer.

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