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Go Charlie is a Free AI-based Online Service that can be used to generate attractive and appealing social media captions and posts, blogs, business slogans, headlines / content for website and more. You can also use it to generate unique images from just a text description. After the captions or content is created, you can fine-tune, augment and edit the content as per your requirements.

Go Charlie is a great asset in the hands of digital marketing agencies, in-house social media marketers, freelancers etc. whose key focus is the generation of content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The following are the different types of content that you can generate using Go Charlie:

  1. Ads: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, SMS
  2. Blogs including the Title, Outline, Introduction, Conclusion and more
  3. Copywriting: Call to action, Slogan, Motto, Value proposition, Company bio, Press release etc
  4. Ecommerce: Product Review, Description, Benefits and more
  5. Email: Welcome email, Product email, Sales email, Thank you email etc.
  6. YouTube: Video Title, Ideas, Description and more
  7. Website: Headline, Meta keywords, SEO Description etc.

and more

Go Charlie allows you to rate the content that is generated by it. These ratings and data are then used to update and retrain Go Charlie so that it continues to improvise the content that it generates for you.

The Free plan of Go Charlie limits you in the number of characters that you can input in any field such as Brand name, Description, Blog title, Target audience etc. To remove this restriction you must subscribe to their Paid Plans. Click here to learn more about their Subscriptions.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Go Charlie using the link that we have provided at the end of this article and Sign up for a free account.

2. This brings you to the Go Charlies dashboard which contains all the links for content creation in the sidebar on the left.

Go Charlie Dashboard

3. Click on any Content type that you wish to generate such as Google Ad, Facebook Ad, Blogs, Slogan, Call to Action etc. and fill all the required fields depending upon the idea or the product. For this article, we will be creating sample content for a Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ad

4. Once the above step has been completed and checked, click on ‘Fetch’. Go Charlie now uses its AI algorithms to generate different types of content for you to choose from.

Sample Facebook Ads

5. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon at the top of any block to further fine-tune and format the content. You can click on the ‘Copy’ icon at the bottom of the content block to copy the content to your clipboard.

Edit Copy content

6. To auto-generate an image for your content using AI, click on the 3-dots icon at the top right of any block, and then click on ‘Get New Image’.

Get image

AI Generated Images

7. Click on the Heart icon to save the content. You can click on the Like / Dislike icon at the bottom left of the block to Rate the content. The rating data will be used by Go Charlie to improvise the content that is generated for you each time.

Closing Comments:

Go Charlie is a great tool for Content Marketers to create superior quality text and image content for your business, online stores, clients etc.

With Charlie you can use text or image inputs to create top quality text and image content for your business, clients, or own online store. The product has been built with a keen focus on SEO Freelancers, Marketing agencies and Startups to increase their performance and output.

Click here to navigate to Go Charlie and fetch your content.

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