5 Online Wedding Budget Planner Websites Free

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This article covers 5 free online wedding budget planner websites.

Wedding is a very special event in every couple’s life. And, everyone wants that event to be perfect. To make their special event perfect, people hire professional wedding planners so that everything goes as it supposes to be.

The first thing for planning a wedding event is budget. Budget planning is a crucial task which is very important when you have a fixed budget for the wedding. Here are 5 online wedding budget planner websites where you can plan your wedding budget. With these websites, you can plan all types of wedding expenses. You can distribute your budget to all wedding expenses and see if you are over-budget or under-budget. If you are over-budget, you can make that right by making adjustments. Or, if you are under-budget, you can spend more on things you want or save that money for a honeymoon trip.

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Here Are 5 Free Online wedding Budget Planner Websites:


online wedding budget planner

WeddingWire is an online marketplace that connects merchants with event planner and engaged couples. This website has various tools for wedding planning. One of these tools is a wedding budget planner. You can enter your estimated wedding budget in this tool and plan it for various categories. With this tool, you can plan Venue, Catering, Photography, Flowers, Cake, Dress & Attire, Band, DJ, Ceremony Music, Videography, Invitations, Favors & Gifts, Officiant, Transportation, Beauty & Health, Jewelry, Rentals, Planning, and other expenses according to your budget. You manage these categories as per your needs; you can add various types of expenses to a category or remove a category entirely if you want. In the end, you can visualize all your expenses in a colorful pie chart. Apart from the budget planner, this website has a payment management tool where you can keep tracks of your already paid and unpaid wedding expenses.

You can try this online wedding budget planner website here.


free online wedding budget planner

NearlyWeds is a free website that provides various ideas and tools for wedding planning. It also offers a budget planner and a payment management tool to plan and manage all your wedding expenses. You can enter your wedding budget here and it suggests how you can distribute your budget among various popular categories. Here, you can plan a venue, catering & rental, wedding stationery, attire & accessories, flowers & decorations, gift & favors, photography & video, and other miscellaneous wedding expenses. You can add additional items to these categories and fully customize a category as per your needs.

Rather than having a separate payment management tool, payment options are integrated within the budget planner here. For each item, you have your assigned budget, actual cost, paid and due amounts. You can easily update these amounts and export all these budget planning stats to a CSV anytime you want.

Try this online wedding budget planner website here.


free website to plan weeding budget online

Next online wedding budget planner website on this list is TheKnot. This website provides you with a simple and easy way to plan and organize a wedding. It can be used by the couple and professional wedding planners to keep the tracks of all the arrangements and vendors.

You can set an estimated weeding budget here and this website will disturb that among the well-popular categories. You can reassign budget to any category and add or remove categories. This way, you can plan all your wedding expenses according to your budget. Apart from the budget planner, this website also has a wedding organizer that assists you plan all events, vendors, etc. so you wouldn’t miss anything.

Give this online wedding budget planner website a try here.


online wedding budget planner free

ShutterFly is another free wedding budget planner website that provides you with a wedding budget calculator. Comparatively, this a simple wedding budget planner website. When you enter your estimated wedding budget on this website, it disturbs that among various popular wedding items under different categories. You can reassign the budget for any item as per your needs and requirements. In the end, it gives you a comparison between your total budget and estimated budget and let you know by how many margins you are under-budget or over-budget. From there, you can export your budget to an excel file. You can edit it in an excel editor and print it for real-time use.

Here is a link to try this online wedding budget planner website.


online wedding budget planner

Online-Calculator-Use is a free online wedding budget calculator that helps you plan your own self-calculated budget. In this calculator, you can create up to 12 categories and add up to 15 items in each category. You can assign a budget to each item and plan your whole wedding budget accordingly. You can also load sample wedding budget items if you need help planning your wedding budget.

In the end, this calculator compares your estimated budget with your actual budget and lets you know whether you are under-budget or over-budget. From there, you can create a printable wedding budget sheet. You can also print a blank budget sheet with all the categories and items and add the cost later.

Check out this online wedding budget planner website here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 5 online wedding budget planner websites. These websites come handy to estimate a budget for the wedding and help you plan your expenses as per your budget.

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