3 Online SVG Icon Generator Websites Free

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SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics which can be resized to any size without getting blurred or pixelated. This dynamic size characteristic makes it a good use on the web. For example, if you use raster images on a website, you might have to use multiple copies of those images with varying sizes. This is because different devices have different screen sizes. A 64×64 (pixels) navigation icon would be good for bigger screens like PC but it won’t look okay on devices with smaller screen i.e., smartphones. Alternatively, you can use scripts to resize the image automatically which has over cons like blur and pixelation.

On the other hand, if you use SVG icons that will be a totally different story. SVG icons can be resized to any side without any cons. Plus, you can place them (as SVG code) within the webpage source code instead of fetching it from storage or server.

This article covers 3 free online SVG icon generator websites. All these websites feature dozens of common SVG icons. Two of these websites also let you customize the appearance of the icons. You can select multiple icons to generate a batch and download them all together.

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Online SVG Icon Generator Websites Free:


online svg icon generator

IconSVG is a free website where you can find common SVG icons and customize them to fit your needs. This website offers arrow icons, interface icons, media icons, file & folder icons, editor icons, symbols & shapes icons, user icons, and more. You can select any icon from the collection and customize it by changing icon size, stroke width, icon color, ends, and joints. After customizing the icon, you can download it as an SVG file or copy the SVG code to use it directly.

Generate SVG icons online here.


create svg icon online

Glyphter is a free SVG font generator website where you can customize SVG icons and create custom icon fonts. This website also has a collection of common SVG icons. It provides you a board where you can add icons from the collection and create an icon font. After adding icons to the board, you can customize their appearance and can also delete SVG paths from them if needed. After the desired customization, you can download the icon font as a zip to your computer.

Generate SVG icons with Glyphter here.


generate svg icon font online

Fontastic is another website to create icon fonts for web use. This website has a large collection of SVG icons which you can select to create a custom icon pack. After selecting the icon for the pack, you can rename the characters and add character mapping. After creating the icon font pack, you can download to your system. You can also publish them on Fontastic and get a link to add them on web pages.

Get common SVG icons here.

Closing Words:

These are the 3 websites to generate SVG icons for free. Using these websites, you can create a custom SVG icon pack and use them on web pages. Give them a try and share your opinions with us in the comments.

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