4 AI Lyrics Generator to Generate Entire Song Lyrics for Free

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Song Lyrics Generators are online tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you to write your own lyrics for songs.

Using an AI based lyrics generator is a fabulous way of getting started with creating and composing songs by yourself. They generally have a big database of words, phrases etc. that you can use to create your song lyrics. Some of them also allow you to select the Style of the song, Genre, and more to bring out a song creation that matches your thoughts as far as possible

Every technology has its critics and the same is the case with AI powered song lyrics. Opponents argue that all AI generated songs would more or less start to feel the same, leading to homogenization of music. Also, AI could take away that emotional and human element in the art of songwriting as machines are unable to understand human emotions. But supporters argue that AI songwriting could enable an improvement in the quality of music as it lets writers focus their attention on other facets of song creation such as melodies, tones, arrangements and more and bring out innovative forms of music.

So let’s jumpstart the creative process and have some fun in writing our own Song Lyrics. In this article we will discuss and review 4 Free AI Lyrics Generators to Generate Entire Songs.

1. Song Lyrics Generator

This AI lyrics generator helps you to easily and quickly write your song lyrics using multiple Genres (Love, Summer, Country, Ballad etc.) and Artist Styles. Just select the Genre or Artist, Fill the displayed form with all the ideas that you have in your mind about the song, and click on ‘Write me’ to automatically generate the lyrics. The inputs required in the form greatly vary depending on the selection of the Artist and Genre.

Some of the content that is generated, parodies (imitates) the existing styles and artists while some of it is original.

Overall the quality of the lyrical content created by this lyrics generator appears to be okay and average. You could get the lyrics generated and modify them as per your creative thought process.

Click here to navigate to song-lyrics-generator.org.uk

Song Lyrics Generator UK1

Song Lyrics Generator UK2

Song Lyrics Generator UK3

2. Keywords to Lyrics

As the name suggests, this AI based lyrics generator claims to turn anything into a song. Keywords to Lyrics was created by Mathi Gatti, a data scientist and song writer  from Argentina,  to assist fellow artists in this creative process.

Simply input any combination of words into the ‘Keywords’ box, set the Creativity value, and click on ‘Generate Song’ to get a complete set of lyrics that you can use. It takes a while when you try to generate any lyrics for the first time as the AI algorithms are being loaded.

You can also activate the ‘Repetition Penalty’ checkbox to reduce the instances of repetitiveness in the lyrics. Try generating the song lyrics again if you are not content with it, without changing the keywords.

Overall you may notice a slight romantic touch and quality in the lyrics created by this generator but it does well in other genres also.

Click here to visit Keywords to Lyrics and start generating your songs.

Keyword to Lyrics1

Keyword to Lyrics2

3. Rytr

This is one of the best and most versatile AI based Song Lyrics Generators that is available on the web. Rytr defines a few steps in the process of lyrics generation. Select the Output Language, select the Tone of the Content from 20 types that are available such as Casual, Convincing, Candid etc., choose your Use Case as Song Lyrics, add some thoughts in the form of Words and Phrases and select the Number of Variants and Creativity Level. Finally, click on ‘Ryte Me’ and the AI algorithms will pen the lyrics for you with more information regarding the Chorus, Bridge etc.

To write your song using Rytr, click here

Rytr Lyrics Generator

4. These Lyrics do not exist

This is yet another AI based Song Lyrics Generator that is not as versatile and creative as compared to the ones above.

Just type a few topic keywords of the song, select the Genre, and the Lyrics mood (sad, happy, neutral etc.) and click on ‘Generate my Lyrics’ to allow the website to finish the process for you. You can choose to download the lyrics in the form of a plain text file or regenerate them with the same parameters.

This website claims that it generates completely original lyrics for various topics but a lot more is expected about the quality and creativity of the lyrics.

Click here to visit ‘These Lyrics do not exist’

These Lyrics do not exist1

These Lyrics do not exist2

It’s important to remember that not all the Lyrics Generators above are equal In quality, versatility and creativity. If you are really serious about writing songs, you have to take the time to test each one of the above so that you can get good results.

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