Free Open Source Password Manager App from Proton VPN: Proton Pass

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Proton Pass is a free, open-source, encrypted password manager for Android and iOS devices and has been built by one of the world’s largest encrypted email providers namely, Proton Mail. Proton Pass is protected by Swiss privacy laws and supports total end-to-end encryption. You can use the app for free on any device. You can also generate unlimited passwords and store them as well.

Proton Pass also works as an Identity Manager and generates exclusive email aliases that you can use instead of your real email address. This prevents tracking or your real email address. It also protects you from spam or exposure to data breaches. Apart from this, Proton Pass can also be used to Autofill logins, generate 2FA codes, secure your Notes and more.


Proton pass provides a unique combination of Features that sets it apart from other similar apps

  1. End-to-end encryption: As can be seen in other services of Proton this app also uses the same encryption technique. Entire data will be encrypted along with usernames and passwords.
  2. Independently audited: It has been verified through various security audits and you can easily check if the encryption is actually working by accessing its open-source code.
  3. Generate secure passwords: You can easily and quickly generates secure passwords whenever you desire to create a new online account.
  4. Easy sign in: Proton Pass recognizes websites and apps and offers support for Auto Filling of forms with your login credentials on all desktop and mobile devices with just one tap. This prevents manual typing or copy-paste work. It makes two-factor authentication (2FA) easier by offering an integrated 2FA authenticator that not only stores your 2FA passcodes but also auto fills them.
  5. Hide-my-email aliases: Proton Pass provides you with a feature called email alias, to protect your identity. So next time when you want to make a new account Proton Pass will make an email alias for you so that your real email address remains protected from spam, data breaches and more.
  6. Available as you need it: Proton Pass has versions for Android and iOS. It can also be used as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and other major browsers.
  7. Built-in encrypted notes: Proton Pass offers a handy feature called Encrypted Notes. These notes can be accessed from any device and let you save personal information.


1. Tap here to download and install Proton Pass for Android. After installation, you must register for a free account and verify it using your existing email address.

2. In the next screen, you must specify the (master) password to open Proton Pass. In biometric-enabled devices you can also enable finger print access so that you are the only person who can access the application.

3. To start using the application, tap on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom observe and choose from any of the options such as Login, Alias, Credit Card, Note, Password.

Add details

4. To add Login details for an app or website, tap on Login, specify the username / email address, password, 2FA passcode, website URL, note (if required) and then tap on ‘Create login’ to save the record.

Create Login

5. To create an email alias to protect your identity, tap on ‘Alias’ and the suffix of the email alias will be generated instantly. Next, assign a title that will be used as the prefix of the alas, specify any notes (if required) and tap on ‘Create alias’ to save it.

Create Alias

6. To securely store your payment information, tap on ‘Credit Card’, assign a Title to identify the card, input the Name of the Card holder, Card number, Verification number (CVV), Pin number and Expiry date and tap on ‘Create Credit card’ to save the information.

Create Credit Card

7. To create any secure Notes, simply tap on ‘Note’, input the Title and Content and tap on ‘Create note’ to save the data.

Create Note

8. To automatically generate a secure password, tap on ‘Password’, choose the required type such as Memorable or Random password, select the number of words / characters using the slider and choose to enable / disable special characters using the toggle button. The resultant password will be displayed on the device screen. You can tap on the ‘Refresh’ icon at the top right to keep generating new combinations. To copy the password to the clipboard, tap on ‘Copy and close’. You can also tap on the ‘Advanced options’ if you want to exclude / include Numbers and Capital letters in the password.

Generate password

9. All the information that you save in Proton Pass such as Login details, Payment information, Notes, Aliases and more can be is visible and editable from the Home screen.

Home Screen

10. Autofill of login details is disabled by default. You can tap on the ‘Profile’ icon at the bottom right and then tap on the corresponding toggle button to enable it. This will take you to the ‘Autofill Service’ screen on your device where you must give permission to ‘Proton Pass’ to autofill the login details on websites and applications.


11. From the Profile screen, you can also choose the Unlock method such as Bio-metric or Pin, set the time duration for automatic locking of the application, enable / disable system lock when the bio-metric fails and more.

Closing Comments:

Proton Pass is an excellent encrypted great password and identity manager for Android and iOS that offers complete end-to-end encryption. You can use it absolutely free on all your devices to store unlimited Passwords, Notes, Payment information and more. It can also be used to auto-fill logins on websites and applications, automatically generate secure passwords, 2FA codes etc.

Proton has been recommended by the UN for sharing highly sensitive data as their encryption is open source and highly tested.

Go ahead and start using Proton Pass and start protecting your online identity without any delay. Tap here to download Proton Pass for Android. iOS users can tap on this link. To access their source code on GitHub, tap here.

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