Free Windows Icon Maker To Convert PSD Icons To ICO

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@icon sushi is a free Windows icon maker to convert PSD icons to ICO. It can convert image files like PSD, PNG, ICO, and BMP images to ICL, PNG, and BMP formats of up to 256 x 256 resolution. So, if you have some PSD icons then you can use this freeware to convert into any other icon format i.e. BMP, ICL, and ICO or PNG format as well. You can also import EXE and DLL files to convert them to images or in other words extract icons from EXE and DLL files. In addition to that, you can also save multiple icons as one file. It also provides some image editing options like edit the alpha channel and transparency mask of icons.

icon sushi main interface

How to use this free icon maker to convert PSD icons to ICO and vice versa:

The download link of @icon sushi is provided at the end; download and install it from there. It has a pretty straightforward interface with all the options on the top to save imported icon files in multiple file formats, as mentioned above. Basically, it is an image to icon converter, so if you have any small resolution image (can be upto 256 x 256) which you want to convert into an icon file then it can be used. The reason I recommend this software is that it also provides some icon editing feature by which you can make the icon background transparent, change the background, alter the alpha channel, etc. Before moving on to some of these icon edition options, let’s first see how you can convert PSD to ICO in it:

Step 1: Click on the Open button on its interface and select a PSD file. Do note that you can only open PSD files of only up to a resolution of 256 x 256. After that, you will see the PSD icon file. Now, in order to convert PSD to ICO, you just need to save the opened PSD file as ICO. To save the PSD icon files as an ICO file, select the “Save as Single Icon(s)…” option from the File menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

save as single icon- psd to ico

Step 2: Now, you just have to, select ICO format from the “Save as type” and specify the file name. As soon as you will hit the “Save” button, the PSD file will be converted to ICO.

save psd icon as ico

Additional features of @icon sushi:

  • Edit Alpha channel of icons.
  • Edit Transparency-Mask of icons.
  • Copy/Paste images from the clipboard in its interface to convert.
  • Supports Windows XP 32 bits icons and also supports Windows Vista large icons.


@icon sushi is a free Windows icon maker to convert PSD files to ICO files. I will definitely recommend this software as it is quite lightweight can also be used to convert images to icon files easily. Also, you can extract icons from EXE and DLL files. In addition to that, you can use its icon editing options to design a simple icon. Do check it out and let me know how much you liked it from the comments below.

Get @icon sushi.

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