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MemeJourney is a free ChatGPT powered solution that you can use to automatically generate Memes from plain language Text Prompts. Often, we observe that it requires a significant time and effort in the creation, editing and collection of Memes. MemeJourney hopes to bring an end to this by generating 4 variations of any meme based on the text that you input.

In addition to this, you can generate unlimited variations of the same by optimizing the text prompt that you used till you get the perfect meme required for the occasion. MemeJourney works through the Discord Server channel and the steps for using it have been detailed below.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to the Discord Channel of MemeJourney by using the link that we have provided at the end of this article, specify your username and accept the invitation to join its Discord channel.

Join Discord channel

2. Click on the ‘MemeJourney’ channel in the pane on the left-hand side of the Discord page.

Access the discord channel

3. Type ‘/generate’ followed by the text prompt or theme which depends on the Meme that you wish to generate and press Enter.

Use Generate command

4. Wait for some time while MemeJourney processes your input and uses ChatGPT to generate 4 variations of the Meme.

Memes generated

Memes generated

5. The multiple variations will be displayed on the screen. You can click on any Meme to view it in its original size.

Meme enlarged

6. To download the image, right click on any image and choose ‘Save image as’ and save the Meme in any specified folder.

Closing Comments:

MemeJourney is an amazing development. Its exciting to see ChatGPT converting your text prompts into memes that you can use wherever you like. The results are fun and entertaining as well as interesting at times.

Click here to navigate to MemeJourney.

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