Free URL Shortener with Geo-Targeting, Device Targeting

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When it comes to shortening URLs, there are lots of free services to do that. Different services offer different features, like, options to use custom alias, add custom domains, get statics on URL, pixel tracking, and many more. But, it’s hard to find a single URL shortener service that offers all (or most) of these features, especially free ones. This article covers a free URL shortener that not only has all these features but, also offers more advanced features which are very rare in a free service.

LinkFox is a free URL shortener that comes with geotargeting, device targeting, splash pages, overlay pages, pixel tracking, custom domain, bundled links, and many more features. So, let dive in the article and discuss all its features in details.

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Free URL Shortener with Geo-Targeting, Device Targeting:

LinkFox is a feature-packed URL shortener that offers a set of features that you won’t even except from a URL shortener. And, this service offers that for free. If you don’t need advanced features, you can still use it as a simple URL shortener.

free url shortener with geo targeting

You can just paste the link to LinkFox and make a short URL quickly. And, if you want to do more, you can get the following options tapping the gear icon in the link box:

  • Custom Alias: Use custom URL-tag for the link.
  • Link Expiration: Set an expiry date for the link.
  • Password Protection: Make the link password protected.
  • Description: Add description to easily manage the links later.
  • Geotargeting options: Redirects users of specific regions to other regional links.
  • Device targeting options: Redirects users to device-specific links.
  • Custom Domain: Use your own domain to shorten links.

You can also switch to Multiple modes to short multiple URLs together and can also create URL bundles. You can also make your URLs Private or Public upon creation and archive them as well.

Along with all these features, this service gives you an option to select the redirect method for the link. You can go with the Direct option or select the Frame, Splash, or Overlay.

free url shortener with device targeting

Splash Pages

A splash page is a custom page that shows to users when they open your short link. In a splash page, you can add banner and avatar along with a message. It is good for marketing and awareness. LinkFox allows you to have up to 5 splash pages and you choose one for each URL you shorten.

Overlay Pages

An Overlay page serves the same purpose as of a Splash Page but it instead of taking users to a webpage, it displays an overlay on the webpage in the link. In the overlay, you can add a message along with a label and a button with a link. But unlike Splash Pages, Overlay Pages cannot be displayed on some websites such as,, etc. It is a good method to advertise products and services.

Pixel Tracking

LinkFox offers one more feature known as Pixel Tracking that can be really useful for brands, startups, marketer, agencies, content creators, and developers. This feature allows you to gather customers and how they behave on your website. It supports following Pixel Providers which you can set up and use with your short links:

  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • AdRoll

URL Statics

Last but not the least, LinkFox also shows you the statics of each short link you generate. By adding a ‘+’ character at the end of the link, you can get daily, monthly, and years graphs of clicks and unique clicks statics of that link. If the link is geo-targeted or device targeted, it also shows you the top countriesoperating systems, and browsers from which the link is clicked. It also shows you the direct, email, and other referrers along with social shares.

Try this free URL shortener with Geo & device targeting here.

Closing Words:

LinkFox is a feature-rich URL shortener that checks all the boxes. It is free to use without any maximum limit for generating short links and provides powerful marketing tools. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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