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Nowadays, there are lots of dedicated platforms to share various types of things online. There are social media platforms to share your personal and social status; then there are platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to share a product with people in the need for crowdfunding. So, why not a dedicated platform to share ideas. You can obviously share ideas on social media but it is not an ideal place to do that.

In this article, I covered a free online platform where you can share your ideas and get feedback from the public. is a free platform where you can discuss new ideas with community experts across multiple fields and get their responses. This platform allows you to share unlimited ideas with a  photo and basic tagging for free. There is also a Plus subscription model coming soon with team workspaces and more features.

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Free Platform to Share Ideas Online:

IdeaGrid provides with a place to share and discuss your ideas with others. Like all the other platforms, in order to use this platform, you have to create an account first. You can create an account with a valid email address or signup using your Twitter or GitHub profile.

social platform for sharing ideas

The interface is neat and clean without any clunk. On the homepage, it shows you feed with ideas from other people ranked by the number of upvotes they got. On the left side, it lists a set of popular tags. You can click a tag from the list to see the ideas with that tag.

share your ideas with public

You can click-open an idea to get the details. Each idea has a picture with a description which explains the overall idea. It also shows you the date on which the idea is posted on the platform along with the user who posted it. If you like the idea, you can upvote it by clicking the upvote button which also shows the total upvotes till now. At the bottom of the idea, there is a comment section where you can respond to the idea and give your point of view.

To navigate the platform, you get following navigation options on top:

  • New Idea: To post your idea.
  • My Ideas: To see all the ideas you posted.
  • Upvoted: To get a list of ideas you upvoted.
  • Users: To get a list of all the users on IdeaGrid.
  • Profile: To access your profile settings.
  • Logout

Share Your Idea

free idea sharing platform

With the New Idea option at the top, you can post your idea on IdeaGrid. You can add a title for the idea and make it clear with a proper description. Then, you can upload an image (within 5 MB size limit) and add tags. The image will be shown along with your idea and the tags help IdeaGrid to categorized your idea. After that, If you are all set then, you can post your idea on this platform. Otherwise, you can make it private and keep it in your My Ideas list. You can access the saved ideas anytime, edit it and post whenever you feel like it.

Try this free online idea sharing platform here.

Closing Words:

IdeaGrid is a nice platform to share and discuss ideas with others and get feedback. As of now, it has a very small audience. If it gains popularity over time, it could be a nice place to share and brainstorm ideas with others.

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