Free AI Tool to Detect Media Manipulation and Bias: HonestyMeter

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HonestyMeter is a free, AI-driven, open-source platform that empowers you to identify Bias and Manipulation within Media Content. It distinguishes itself from basic fact-checking and sentiment analysis tools by focusing on the detection of intricate forms of media manipulation. It identifies how factual information is presented in misleading contexts, addressing tactics such as misleading headlines, omissions, framing, and other methods that contribute to a significant distortion of reality.

People who have their eyes open know that there is a considerable presence of misleading factual portrayals in the media—accurate statements presented in a manner that distorts their intended meaning. This is largely accomplished through sophisticated manipulation techniques such as sensationalism, selective reporting, framing, and others, whether applied inadvertently or intentionally. These tactics contribute to shaping a distorted perception of reality, hindering the capacity of the audience to make well-informed and unbiased decisions.

It’s crucial to highlight that manipulative reporting of this kind is more sinister compared to fake news that can be easily uncovered. Established media sources employ rigorous fact-checking procedures before publishing content, as the dissemination of false information often leads to immediate accountability.

The issue emerges when authoritative sources publish content featuring accurate facts but utilize sophisticated covert manipulation techniques for presenting it. This can significantly distort the perception of these facts, often causing the audience to grasp something entirely contrary to the truth, effectively equating it to fake news. Simultaneously, the source of this distortion typically faces no accountability.

This is exactly the problem that HonestyMeter aims to tackle, as it is specifically designed to evaluate objectivity, bias, and manipulations within media content. The platform leverages advanced language models and neural networks, to systematically scrutinize diverse media elements to identify the potential manipulative tactics. Subsequently, it generates a comprehensive objectivity report that comprises of an objectivity score and a list of the detected manipulations, along with suggestions and recommendations to mitigate the bias that is present in the content.


Free and Open Source: The source code of HonestyMeter is freely accessible, promoting transparency, broader availability, and fostering community-driven improvements.

Self-Improving System: In addition to artificial intelligence, the platform incorporates user feedback to continuously enhance its ability to identify and assess media manipulations.

News Integrity Feed: This functionality provides an analysis of the most recent news from prominent sources. Users can either search using keywords or apply filters based on categories and countries.

Personal News Integrity Feed: Examines the most recent news concerning well-known individuals. Users have the option to search by name.

People Feature: This functionality provides the News Integrity details about the most praised and criticized people in the ‘People’ section of the website. Ratings for the most objective sources are available on the home page itself.

Custom Content Analysis: Users are allowed to submit web links or text to receive a thorough bias report. This feature facilitates the analysis of content not showcased on HonestyMeter, empowering authors to minimize bias in their original content.

Auto-Optimization: This feature transforms HonestMeter into a self-optimizing system by leveraging a combination of AI models and user feedback. Users can click on any section of the bias report to provide their feedback, which is subsequently evaluated by the AI. Upon acceptance, the report is automatically updated, and the data is utilized for further training and enhancement of the model. This iterative process ensures a continuous improvement in the accuracy of the reports.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to HonestyMeter. You are not required to register or sign up for any account to use this platform.

2. By default, list of the most objective sources shown on the home page itself along with the Objectivity Score. You can click on any Feed to get the Bias Report with the original link of the published article, Report Overview along with the Charts displaying Sides Objectivity Scores and Representation Balance.

News Integrity Feed

Bias Report

3. You can navigate down the Report to view the list of the Detected Manipulations, accompanied with the Suggestions and Recommendations to alleviate the existing bias in the content.

Detected Manipulation and Suggestions

4. You can click on any section of the Bias Report to provide feedback that will help to improve the report as discussed above in the Auto-Optimization feature.

Give feedback

5. You can click on the ‘Search’ icon (see screenshot below) and search for any Feed using keywords or apply Filters using the Category or Country drop-down lists.

Search & Filter

6. You can click on ‘Create Bias Report’ button and paste a web link or text for a Custom Analysis of the content that has not been covered by HonestyMeter. This can help authors to reduce the bias in their original content. It may take up to 3 minutes to generate this report.

Create Bias Report

7. Click the ‘People’ link to access the personalized news integrity feed related to popular individuals including the most praised as well as criticized ones. This allows you to assess the most recent news about well-known personalities.


Prince William

Closing Comments:

HonestyMeter is a free, open-source AI-powered platform designed that allows you to spot Bias and Manipulation in Media Content. It sets itself apart from standard fact-checking and sentiment analysis tools by specializing in the detection of sophisticated forms of media manipulation. These features distinguish it as a unique entity in media analysis, addressing those complexities that go beyond the capabilities of typical media analysis tools.

The widespread use of HonestyMeter has the potential to improve media transparency and objectivity on a global scale. Go ahead and use HonestyMeter to create more impartial content and empower audiences to make well-informed decisions.

Click here to navigate to HonestyMeter. To access its source code on GitHub, click here.

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