Free AI Physician Chatbot to Get Suggestions based on Health Conditions

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Dr. Gupta is an AI Powered Physician that uses ChatGPT and provides personalized health information, answers health related questions and offers medical advice and more to users. It has been so named because ‘Gupta’ includes the letters ‘GPT’ which is the underlying technology behind this medical chatbot.

Dr. Gupta has been developed by Martin Shkreli who claims that the chatbot has the ability to understand and answer complicated medical queries based on the information that is available on the internet and in several medical journals.

All that you need to do is just type your query related to the topic of health or medical science and get a response. In order to get more personalized suggestions, Dr. Gupta allows you to provide some information such as your Core parameters (Age, Weight, Height, Symptoms, Medications etc.), Vitals (Temperature, Heart rate, Oxygen saturation, Blood pressure etc.) and some Lab test results for the common tests that are conducted.

The free version of Dr. Gupta allows you to send 10 messages in a month. To remove this limitation, you can subscribe to the Pro version. Click here to get more information about this.

How it works?

1. Navigate to Dr. Gupta using the link that we have provided at the end of this article and register for a free account using your Google credentials. When you are prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions, read them very carefully and only then click on ‘I Agree’. Be mindful of the disclaimer that states that anyone who uses the chatbot does so at their own risk, and that the company is not legally responsible for any “errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies” or any personal injury that may result from using the chatbot.

Terms and Conditions

2. If you require highly personalized suggestions tailored to your medical condition, you can fill up your Medical Information in the panel on the right side of the page. You must remember that by doing so, you are willfully sharing personal data probably including health and genetic information with the chatbot and website.

Type message

3. Type your message asking for health information or medical advice in the textbox at the bottom of the page and press Enter. This will initiate your conversation with Dr. Gupta.

Conversation with Dr Gupta

4. In case you are discussing about a potential health condition that you are facing; you may be asked a few questions by the chatbot to help it narrow down the possible cause and provide a probable diagnosis.

Conversation with Dr Gupta

Conversation with Dr Gupta

5. Gupta also provides you with ideas on additional questions that you can ask based on the earlier questions and inputs that you have provided.

Additional questions

Closing Comments:

Overall, Dr. Gupta looks like a good AI Chatbot to get personalized health and medical knowledge for informational purposes only. You must remember that Dr. Gupta is not a real physician, but a GPT based AI Chatbot that has been developed to provide medical information as an alternative to search engines. It should not be used for real time medical or clinical uses such as self-diagnosis, cure, or treatment of any medical condition or disease since there is a great possibility that it may provide unreliable responses and sometimes potentially dangerous information.

It is strongly advised that you consult your physician about any medical care that you may require. Never use an AI Chatbot for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition as it cannot be a replacement to trained and human medical professionals.

Click here to navigate to Dr. Gupta.

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